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I have always been so interested in International Development and everything that goes along with it. I’ve volunteered a lot throughout my life – and enjoyed every single minute! But volunteering is one thing and starting a career within the third sector is another. So when did I decide to choose the career?
At university I interned at an international NGO for seven months and became fascinated with the sector and all that it does to help others. Since then I’ve been geared towards making a difference but didn’t quite know where to start.
Before I could even figure out the ‘where to start’ part, I’d finished university and had to move back to my home town in Oxfordshire where there were no real third sector opportunities available; so I decided to opt for a job within my other favoured industry, education.
I ended up working for a social enterprise start-up that helped students find and apply for apprenticeships and really enjoyed my time there. I learned a lot about building a business from scratch; how to sell a brand new product; how to pitch; and how to persevere in the most stressful of situations, but ultimately, something was missing. That something was the charity bug that I couldn’t seem to shake, so I went for it!
And here I am a few weeks later doing a job that I fell in love with the moment I read the job description. What did I love about it? Well firstly,! What an amazing innovative organisation to be a part of and secondly, the job role took all of the elements that I liked about my previous job and combined it with plenty of creativity and a cause that I care so much about.
At I’ll be working on some really exciting projects such as the World’s Biggest Supper Club in October, Harvest Festivals in schools, Charity Concierge and whatever else comes my way. So be sure to keep a lookout for these exciting projects and how you can get involved.
If you have any questions, want to have a chat about my experiences or just want to say hello, feel free to do so – just drop me a line on


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