No mother, or her baby, should die from preventable causes

At we champion community-based healthcare solutions to make pregnancies and births safer.

We are…

People Centred

First and foremost, we work with people. Pregnant women, new mums, community health promoters, government staff. We respect their autonomy, dignity, experience and expertise, which inform and shape how we work.


We listen. For successful, sustainable change we need to understand and be led by the communities and health authorities we work with. We need to fit within national reproductive health strategies, so that we can be better partners, collaborate effectively and see impactful change in maternal and neonatal health.

Data Driven

Everything we do is based on evidence. Whether it is designing neonatal health programmes or fundraising activities, we use facts to shape what we do.


We are a small team with an outsized impact. Split between Nairobi, Meru and Bristol, and supported by a brilliant community of champions, fundraisers and partners, we believe we can catalyse improvements in maternal and child health outcomes in Kenya and beyond.

Our ImpacT

We design and deliver effective solutions to the most pressing challenges in maternal and child health. We are not afraid to shift the focus of our work to make sure we contribute meaningfully and with impact to these challenges. From our first programmes in 2001, we have worked to ensure children are safe, alive and healthy. Whether through school nutrition programmes such as HealthStart, or innovative partnerships to support children’s development and girl’s protection and health.

Now we are focusing our work on maternal and neonatal health. This is for two reasons:

Because the earliest days of life are the most dangerous for children globally and progress towards reducing mortality in this period has stagnated.

Because we are pioneering evidence-based community health solutions with proven impact in this area.

FROM 2019 – 2022, our work saw an increase in:

Women who could identify 5 out of 7 of the danger signs during pregnancy

Deliveries conducted by
skilled birth attendants

Women who attended all four antenatal sessions

Community based solutions such as pregnant women’s groups offer a cost effective, impactful solution to maternal and neonatal mortality.Through training and supporting community health infrastructures to deliver Pregnant Women’s Groups, we’re seeing meaningful change in key maternal and neonatal health indicators (as above). And it’s not just our own evaluation: government data from 2022 shows that in the regions where we have been running Pregnant Women’s Groups, there has been an increase in antenatal care attendance and deliveries conducted by skilled birth attendants over and above national trends.

Read our impact report to find out more.

Staff/Team Members

Martina Gant, Chief Executive Officer

Cherio Onacha, Programmes Manager

Lucy James, Income Manager

Clare Sulley, Operational & Finance Manager

Lucy Ndegwa, Programmes & Comms Officer

Hattie Rowan, Comms & Fundraising Officer

Jacob Chege, Programmes Officer

Jess Pugh, Events Officer

Ruth Mwangi, Programmes, Research and Advocacy Officer

Board members

Ben Mason

Dan Magnus

Rebecca Smith

Thomas Muirhead

Eve Riddle


Melvin Benn


Rob Pimenta

Leo McIntosh

Andrew Clarke


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