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  • Meet Hattie: our new Fundraising and Communications Officer

Hello! My name is Hattie and I’ve just joined as the new Communications and Fundraising Officer. I’ll be supporting on some really awesome tasks and campaigns this year, including Charity Concierge (did you know that you can go to festivals for free this summer by volunteering with us?!) and Ride Africa. I am so looking forward to meeting all you fabulous supporters and even more excited to work with you to raise funds for and support global child health.

I was lucky enough to spend a lot of time in Kenya (where is based) growing up, experiencing the beautiful landscapes and learning different cultures and languages from a young age. However, it also made me acutely aware of the many inequalities that permeate our world, and I was struck by how unfair it is that some are born with so many advantages whilst others go without basic needs. At the same time, I had a front seat to the impact of climate change: watching as the snow on Mt. Kilimanjaro depleted and droughts took over the region. For a long time I considered these two issues – social inequality and climate change – as entirely separate.

Eventually I went on to study Sustainable Development and learnt that, in fact, they are completely intertwined. Without social equality, our planet is in danger. Women’s empowerment, access to clean water, quality education for all, improved health services across the world – these are all key if we want to club together and create a sustainable future for generations to come.

When I finished university, I knew exactly what I wanted to do: work together with local communities to overcome these inequalities. Working with allows me to do just that; by sparking progress in global child health the charity takes us one step closer to a sustainable future for all.

And so here I am! My role means I am not only behind the scenes working on different tasks but also readily available online (or in-person!) for a chat and to get to know the wonderful supporters that are you. Please send me an email any time at I can’t wait to see what we’ll achieve in 2022.


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