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  • Announcing Team Mum 2020 and a new iteration of Baby Boxes

Team Mum 2020 is here.

From now until the 20th January we will be raising £65,000 to fund some of our Team Mum programmes next year, including a new Baby Box project! The 2019 campaign made a big impact by funding Pregnancy Support Groups in Meru, and you can read about the successes in that project here.

The new Baby Box project has taken learnings from the 2018 pilot project, further research, and the successes of Pregnant Women’s Groups.

The project

This project will provide women in Kwale or Nairobi with a Baby Box. Women will be invited to three discussion group sessions, providing life-saving information to new mothers. The Box is designed as an incentive for women to link with health services to ensure babies receive vital postnatal checks. Male partners are invited to participate in learning about the Boxes, safe-sleeping practices, and the importance of supporting pregnant women.

The Baby Box

The Baby Box is a specially designed cardboard box based on the Finnish spec, complete with mattress, sheets, blanket and mosquito net. The box is not promoted for sleeping over co-sleeping which is encouraged locally to promote breastfeeding. Instead it is provided as an alternative when a safe environment cannot be guaranteed, along with vital safety information that is not readily available to many mothers in Kenya. The box is given to women at postnatal checks for their babies, ensuring that uptake of care services are improved and babies are provided with potentially life-saving care in their first month of life.

Team Mum ultimately aims to empower women and make the lives of them and their babies much safer. Baby Boxes are just one of the ways will make a tangible difference by working in partnership with mothers in rural Kenya. We can’t do this without your support.

See how you can get involved with the Team Mum campaign here:
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