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Team Mum supports mums and babies, paying for projects like our pregnancy support groups and Baby Box programme to keep babies safe and healthy.

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In Kenya, one in 26 babies die before they reach their first birthday. Team Mum is a network of powerful women, girls and supporters who have come together to improve the health of mums and babies.

Last year we used your Team Mum donations to set up Pregnancy Support Groups. Team Mum 2020 will support more of's innovative maternal and child health projects, including a new Baby Box project in Kenya with the aim of providing 500 women in Kwale or Nairobi with a Baby Box. The boxes will act as an incentive for women to link with health services to ensure babies receive vital postnatal checks. As well as receiving the box, the women will be invited to three discussion group sessions, providing life-saving information to new mothers. 

By supporting Team Mum, you can help us discover, design, and deliver this and similar programmes supporting mums and babies.

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To launch these new projects, Team Mum needs more than donations, we need fundraisers. Discover easy and fun ways to support Team Mum at work or with friends...

Last year's campaign is funding pregnancy support groups, creating lasting change.

Mums pass life-lessons on to their children. The valuable knowledge that mums acquire at our support groups will be passed down through children and grandchildren.  

But the projects we fund are also about transforming communities. We have trained health volunteers, are improving local healthcare, and are running sessions that champion the respect and support of pregnant women to all members of the family. By doing this, we’re equipping the community to support and nurture healthy new mums independently for generations to come.

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You'll see some of the most spectacular scenery in Kenya as you cycle through national parks, surrounded by wildlife. Every rider funds their own place on the ride - and can then choose to either fundraise or make a donation to support our work with mums and babies. 

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