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In Kenya, one in 26 babies die before they reach their first birthday. 

Together, Team Mum will arm new mums with the health information and support they need to keep themselves, and their babies safe. To do this, Team Mum donations will launch pregnancy support groups in rural Kenya.

These pregnancy support groups will provide practical health information to new mums. Each new mum will be provided with some baby essentials - including a weighing bag to help monitor the health of their baby. They’ll learn about breastfeeding, safe sleeping, what to expect during the birth and when they take the baby home. They will learn the warning signs to look out for - so they will know when to seek medical assistance at every stage of pregnancy and early motherhood. 

The groups also provide a support system for young new mums - a place to ask questions and discuss problems in a friendly environment. Any new mum, wherever they live, knows how important this support can be.

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Team Mum Ride Africa

In July, our group of intrepid and inspiring women cyclists head off of their adventure from Nairobi to Meru.

Join them for a week's cycling through some of the most spectacular areas of Kenya, and visit the communities where Team Mum will create our pregnancy support groups.

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Our Team Mum pregnancy support groups are designed to create lasting change.

Of course, all mums pass life-lessons on to their children. The valuable knowledge that mums acquire at these support groups will be passed down through children and grandchildren.  

But this project is also about transforming communities. We will train health volunteers, improve local healthcare, and run sessions that champion the respect and support of pregnant women to all members of the family. By doing so, we’ll ensure that the community is equipped to support and nurture healthy new mums independently for generations to come.

Between 1 Feb - 30 April 2019, our Team Mum campaign was supported by UK Aid Match, and all donations made during this period were matched by the UK government. Over the next year, all this givernment funding will be spent on launching our new pregnancy support groups in rural Kenya! Your donations will be invested in this project and in the future of our Team Mum programming - so you can be assured of a long-term impact on our small charity. After we launch the pregnancy support groups, Team Mum will work to design, fund and deliver more solutions like this for mums and babies in Kenya and in Sierra Leone. Make sure you're registered for our newsletter, so you hear about what Team Mum do next in our mission to make the world a safer place for new mums and newborn babies!

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£10 = a baby starter pack

£25 supports a mum

Donate any amount

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