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Your Newborn: Essential Health SMS
Your Newborn Essential Health SMS is a free interactive service arming 5000 new parents with lifesaving health advice for their newborn, connecting them with local health facilities and improving the quality of care they receive.

There’s nothing quite like the joy of bringing a new baby into the world. The heady mix of love, exhaustion and trepidation. Your newborn is tiny, beautiful and vulnerable. Even with plentiful resources, an NCT tribe and supportive postnatal care, those first weeks are still scary.

Globally, neonatal mortality accounts for 47% of all child deaths under 5. In Kenya, neonatal mortality rates have barely changed over the past 5 years. Babies are still dying in the earliest weeks of life. We want to change this. 

For, sparking progress in global child health begins with babies. We know how critical the first weeks and months are in ensuring that babies make it through to childhood to survive and thrive - that’s why we’ve been working to champion antenatal care, arming mums with life-saving information ahead of birth. Now, we want to go further. 

We want to provide new parents with the information they need for the birth of their new baby: from outlining a mum’s rights during birth and the practices that she can request within facilities, to providing key health information for newborns and encouraging parents to seek vital postnatal care. 

Your Newborn: Essential Health SMS is a free service connecting new parents with expert health advice and linking them with local health services - all directly through their mobile phone. Your Newborn will bridge the information gap in postnatal health, delivering crucial postnatal care information to new parents at home. A low-cost solution, we want to use Your Newborn to dramatically scale our reach and arm 5000 parents with essential newborn health advice, while also improving the provision of postnatal care by providing additional training on national postnatal care guidelines for community health workers in Nairobi and Kwale. 

But we need your help to kickstart the project. 

Donate to our Your Newborn appeal today and help spark progress in neonatal health.

£30 can arm 5 mums with life-saving information for their babies through the Your Newborn SMS bundle

£100 can connect more mums with critical health services by training community health workers on referral tools.

£500 can improve the quality of care for mums and babies by providing training for community health workers on national postnatal care guidelines

Why Your Newborn?
56% percent of infant deaths in Kenya
occur during the first month of life 
Your Newborn: Essential Health SMS has scale.
5000 new mums 
will receive health advice for their newborns

Meet Eunice and her baby Promice

Last year, partnered with MamaTips, a service delivering regular health advice to mums during their pregnancy via SMS to their mobile phones and allowing them to ask questions or respond privately with any concerns. Now we’re launching Your Newborn: Essential Health SMS to continue to provide vital health advice to mums in the period directly after giving birth when their baby is most vulnerable. 

MamaTips has demonstrated the power of providing health information directly to mums on their mobile phones. For mums like Eunice, these tips proved an essential source of support, particularly at a time of heightened anxiety due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Eunice and other mums told us how the SMS tips helped them feel supported and were a key source of information for them during their pregnancy. 

“I write the messages in a book, so that I have the record and never lose the messages in case I need to go back to them.”

Learn more about why we're prioritising postnatal care and our learnings using SMS services. 

Mum Eunice looks at her baby

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