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Seeds for Africa is a charity based at the University of Kent in Canterbury, created to help African families and communities to build a self-sufficient and sustainable future through the provision of seeds, agricultural equipment and training. In 2015, Seeds for Africa became a part of in order to take their work forward, beginning an exciting new chapter for the charity.

This page tells you a little about the background of Seeds for Africa, where they came from and why their journey will continue as a part of To find out more about and who we are now, please visit our who we are page.


Seeds for Africa was formed in 1998 following the Lambeth Conference, hosted by the University of Kent.

Albert Bullock and Ron Taylor, (pictured right at one of our projects), both worked for Rutherford College at the university. They met the Bishop of Sudan at the conference and decided to found the charity to help alleviate poverty and hunger.


As Seeds for Africa, the charity set up over 800 garden projects across 25 African countries, encouraging sustainable vegetable gardening by providing indigenous vegetable seeds, agricultural equipment and technical expertise.

Seeds for Africa believe in sustainable development. Their innovative method of support for primary schools launches Breakfast Clubs and Food Gardens which provide vital meals for school children and are designed to be self-sufficient within three years of funding.

Today, continues to fund and manage the great programmes that were supported by Seeds for Africa, including our fantastic Breakfast Clubs and Women's Groups.

Seeds for Africa set up over
800 garden projects
And have helped over
400 women led households
to become independent and feed their families

Photographs from the Seeds for Africa archives


In the summer of 2015, Seeds for Africa became a part of, joining with the charity formerly known as Kenyan Orphan Project to take their work forward. Exciting opportunities beckon for Seeds for Africa's supporters and projects!

"All projects will benefit from being part of a wider network."

- Thomas Muirhead, Managing Director of

Read Thomas' blog about Seeds for Africa becoming a part of

"It allows us to be even more efficient and make better use of every donation we receive."

- Patrick Reynolds, Trustee of Seeds for Africa.

Read Patrick's blog about Seeds for Africa becoming a part of

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