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Kenyan Orphan Project is now This page will give you some history of the charity, but to find out more about and who we are now, visit our who we are page.

Kenyan Orphan Project began in 2001 when a group of medical students decided to start a student group to help turn a small dilapidated hotel into a hospital for orphans and vulnerable children in western Kenya. A year later, a group of 23 students headed to Kisumu, Kenya to volunteer.

Watch the video on the right to see what KOP was achieving by 2007.

Fourteen years later and the small charity had grown into something very special. KOP had initiated and supported projects with millions of pounds in fundraising.

This money had supported the health, education and welfare of thousands of children in Kenya and was continually driving forward the capacity of local groups to foster sustainable development. The Student Volunteering Programme had developed into Charity Apprentice a year-long industry-leading course trianing people for amazing careers in the charity sector. Our innovative HealthStart programme was proving that a holistic approach to international development could make the best possible impact on the lives of children.

KOP photos from the archive

Time for change

By 2015, the name Kenyan Orphan Project no longer encapsulated the amazing work of the charity. 

We were ready to expand the reach of programmes like HealthStart into other countries besides Kenya; in fact, encorporating the charity Seeds for Africa would mean we were already working to help children in Ghana, Sierra Leone and Uganda. Our sustainable, holistic methods were involving whole communities, supporting and changing the lives of not just orphans but other children who needed us. The charity could not even be described any longer as a project, we were having bigger impact and we had bigger ambitions.

In 2015 we became

Want to read more about the change to You can check out Trustee Dan's blog from the time, read Managing Director Thomas' announcement, and watch a video showing the reaction of our partners in Kenya.

"The world has changed since we started and so too must KOP"
Dan Magnus, Trustee

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