Who we are

We are a bunch of people dedicated to one thing and one thing only: building a world where every child has an equal opportunity.

Our approach

We do what works

For example:
We’re developing ways to keep children at school and learning to their full potential. To do this, in each community, we find the unique barriers that are in the children’s way and remove them.

Sometimes that means giving children de-worming tablets. Sometimes it means building them a school kitchen or plumbing in fresh water. Sometimes it means providing malaria preventions.

Whatever it is, we examine the evidence and we do what works.

Our culture

Imagine you’re playing Scrabble, staring at your tiles. And you’re doing well. You have a five letter word. But you keep reshuffling the letters. You just know that there’s a bigger and better way to use them. There’s a longer word there, you can feel it in your kneecaps. And you feel like you’re clever enough to find it.

You tip all the letters face down onto the table, shuffle them, pick them up again. You shut your eyes, rub them, open them and look at the rack with fresh eyes. Suddenly you see it; that 50-point 7-letter word. The game changer. And you can’t wait to show the friends you’re playing with because they are going to love it. And it’s going to open up more places for them to play their own words.

That flash of inspiration you get from looking at things differently is what Child.org is.

It’s asking the question in a slightly different way. It is the surprising lightbulb moment that you always suspected was there but that perhaps others weren’t looking for. It’s the person who turns up late and suggests the obvious answer to the issue everyone else has been debating for hours.

Creativity comes from looking at things with positivity. For Child.org, every obstacle is always an opportunity to find an exciting new approach.


The team

We are a wonderful, supportive family of doctors, tech geeks, writers, students, teachers, concierges, researchers, festival goers, charity workers, artists, accountants, school children, social workers, entrepreneurs...the list is endless and continues to grow as more and more incredible people join us on our mission. Put some faces to names:

Benjamin Mason's picture
Benjamin Mason
Cherio Onacha's picture
Cherio Onacha
Programme Manager
Clare Sulley's picture
Clare Sulley
Operations and Finance Manager
Dan Magnus's picture
Dan Magnus
Founder & Trustee
Eve Riddle
Hattie Rowan's picture
Hattie Rowan
Fundraising and Communications Officer
Jacob Chege's picture
Jacob Chege
Project Officer
Lucy James's picture
Lucy James
Income Manager
Lucy Ndegwa's picture
Lucy Ndegwa
Programmes Assistant
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Martina Gant
Patrick Reynolds's picture
Patrick Reynolds
Senior Advisor
Rebecca Smith's picture
Rebecca Smith
Founder & Trustee
Samantha Phillips's picture
Samantha Phillips
Senior Advisor
Thomas Muirhead's picture
Thomas Muirhead
Omoko Thomas's picture
Omoko Thomas
Project Field Supervisor
Tyson Odoo's picture
Tyson Odoo
Project Assistant

Child.org Core

Child.org Core make Child.org happen. These are the smart supporters who regularly contribute to fund everything that Child.org does (not just the sexy bits) and keep in contact with us to find out what we are up to and consult on new ideas.

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We'd love you to get in touch. If you have any questions all - there's nothing too small - just pick up the phone or pop by the office for a cup of tea.


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Concerns and Safeguarding

At Child.org we’re determined to make sure everyone feels safe, secure and respected when dealing with us in any way. It is crucial that everyone who engages with us feels confident to highlight any concerns, provide any feedback and essentially report any issues around safeguarding or child protection and know that we’ll take it seriously. Read more about our concerns and safeguarding policy.

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