What we do

With a fresh approach, we can build a better world.

We do community-led development. Child.org work closely with people to ensure our work creates lasting change and helps them to lift their whole family and community out of poverty. 

We learn. Every programme that we design at Child.org has two aims. It should improve the lives of children for the long term. It should also teach us how to work better. We want to one day become a research and development hub for the sector - so we're all about collecting evidence and testing ideas.

We do good business. To fund our work, Child.org create innovative social enterprise products that make people happy. We want to make the world better with everything we do. Check them out and see if there's something for you!

Here are some examples of projects our teams are working on right now...

We fund hundreds of places a year on Utopy's Charity Fast-Track, to help ambitious people train for life-changing careers in the charity sector.
  • Education
  • Social enterprise
“The first highlight of the year for me was to gain a placement with Child.org. I was assisting Charity Concierge, working on volunteer recruitment, management and operations. This has been such a valuable experience, I have gained so many new skills and discovered a lot about my strengths and weaknesses.” Georgie Hepworth, Charity Fast-Tracker 2017
OverviewCharity Fast-Track is a ten month course, delivered by Utopy, for people who want to train themselves for impact-driven careers in the charity sector.
AimsChild.org work closely with Utopy to offer professional development opportunities for people on Charity Fast-Track. We provide Fast-Trackers with exclusive work opportunities at Child.org and fund course places for up to 200 people a year. Child.org's work on Charity Fast-Track is our investment in the future of the UK charity sector. The course prepares ambitious and impressive people to have real impact and drive charities forward. Where possible, Child.org prefer to hire people who have completed the course. Charity Fast-Track can be completed alongside full-time work or study. To apply for a Child.org funded place for next year, visit the Utopy website:
We take armies of purple-clad volunteers to UK festivals. Charity Concierge is a huge amount of fun, and makes the festival a better place to be.
  • Fundraising
  • Social enterprise
"The best thing about being a concierge was being able to represent the charity and getting people talking about it. Also being able to raise such a huge amount of money in such a short time and telling people how much their donation will help in allowing children to go to school!"Kate Pryer, Charity Concierge at Latitude 2015
OverviewBringing a prestigious concierge service to the festival scene; Charity Concierges offer festival goers a little guilt free luxury
AimsThis innovative fundraising social enterprise makes festivals more fun for the customer, offers volunteers an amazing weekend working at some of the best festivals in the UK and raises thousands to help give children the opportunity they deserve. Dedicated Child.org volunteers are making up a team of the finest concierge to transform your festival experience; the muddy fields of England are gaining some high class service. You get a hot breakfast delivered directly to the comfort of your tent, or a cool beer brought to you in the depths of the main stage; and in return your money will be used to help out those who have been born into the most frightening of circumstances
People doing great work deserve a great place to work. Introducing Cahoots: an affordable and flexible work space for collaborative charities.
  • Fundraising
  • Social enterprise
OverviewOur work space, right next to bustling Old Street station, provides a place for innovative, collaborative charities to work together.
AimsCreate affordable, beautiful work space - where charities can work together.
Providing fandoms with spectacular environments to test their knowledge and celebrate their passion. Whether you're a Friends fan or a Potterhead, we have a night out for you.
  • Social enterprise
“Thank you for organising a great night and super efforts from professors, ghosts and house elves!”Quiz competitor
OverviewFor the best night out around, come along to a Spectacular Pub Quiz. We'll immerse you in your favourite world for an evening full of creative wizardry. But will you take home the cup? Best brush up on your knowledge before you attend, because this is THE place for fans to show off.
AimsOur Spectacular Pub Quizzes raise thousands of pounds to fund Child.org's work supporting children in sub-Saharan Africa. And they provide people with a really fun night out!
Build a culture of appreciation at your workplace with Treat. From small Thank You rewards to beautiful Happy Parenting gift packages, we help you treat your staff like royalty.
  • Corporate
  • Social enterprise
OverviewTreat your dedicated employees to a monthly reward in the form of a scrumptious Tiffin and help to provide school meals for those who need our support
AimsYou reward your hard-working employees with a delicious treat delivered to their desk monthly and in return we will make a donation on their behalf, taking your company’s corporate social responsibility to a new level. Satisfy the mid-morning cravings of your staff AND at the same time know you are filling the stomachs of hungry children, as one tiffin equals 17 school meals for children who live in the poorest communities
The Child.org Master Plan outlines our ambitions for the next 10 years.
  • Education
  • Fundraising
  • Health
  • Social enterprise
"The fact that there are children in the world that need help is not enough reason for Child.org to exist."The Master Plan
OverviewWe need a good reason to exist. There are always better ways to tackle problems that children face - and we’re dedicating ourselves to finding them.
AimsThere are lots of great organisations who make the world better for children. So we need to do something different, something that adds value. What the world actually needs is an organisation that will find the best ways to make the world better for children. And then share that knowledge with everyone. It won’t be easy, but we’re becoming that organisation. That’s what our Master Plan is all about.