What we do

Child.org exists to spark progress in global maternal, neonatal and child health. 

We do this by discovering, designing and delivering solutions that keep mums, babies and children safe, alive and healthy. 

Discovery. We work to find opportunities to improve maternal and child health outcomes.

Design. We create solutions to the barriers mums, babies and children face to access quality care. 

Delivery. We deliver projects - and we monitor, assess and report on the results. 

Child.org is led from our office in Nairobi, and all our work is conducted in close partnership with local communities. 

Below are some examples of our work. Use the buttons on the right to filter by programme or type of project.

In 2018, Child.org delivered 483 Baby Boxes to mothers with newborn babies living in informal settlements ("Slums") in Nairobi. This small pilot programme showed amazing results and we replicated the project in a new region - Kwale County, Kenya supporting a further 450 pregnant women and their babies.
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"I did not know I was supposed to go for postnatal care but I am really glad I did, It is very important because they helped me with the perineal tear and found out that Janeva had a problem with her belly button cord, so she was prescribed medication."Orita, mother of Janeva (pictured)
OverviewBetween June and December 2018, Child.org delivered 483 specially-designed Baby Boxes to mothers with newborn babies living in informal settlements ("Slums") in Nairobi County, Kenya. Each box included a mattress, two sheets, a cellular blanket and a mosquito net, and was printed with safe sleeping advice.
AimsThe pilot aimed to encourage mums in Nairobi to seek postnatal care and to provide newborns with a safe place to sleep. The results were dramatic - we saw an 81% increase in women and babies accessing life changing services, and 95% of mothers that received the Box used it for their baby/babies to sleep in. We're now seeking opportunities to take this work further.