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For, providing families with access to clean water is central to so much of the work we do.

In many of the Kenyan schools we work with, there was originally no clean drinking water or sanitation provision. Children were walking long distances home at lunchtime just to use the toilet, and not returning for their afternoon lessons.

By providing clean drinking water and sanitation in our HealthStart schools, we make sure that children are free to learn.

By providing water tanks in rural areas, we make sure that women can grow crops to feed their families. 

No one should have to spend most of their day walking to access clean water.

If you have clean water coming out of your tap at home, then take on a Walk with Water! You'll raise vital funds to pay for's work, and gain new appreciation of what life is like in places where the water doesn't come to you - you have to go and get it.

What's a Walk with Water?

A challenging but picturesque walk through your local city or countryside - where you carry a load of water with you.

Choose the length of your walk and the amount of water you carry based on your own fitness and abilities. (Most of our Water Walk organisers will recommend a distance and an amount to carry.)

To take part:

1. Choose a Walk with Water event from the list below

2. Create a fundraising page to join their team

3. Get in touch with the walk organiser and they'll send you all the details! 


For Rebecca, securing a water tank for her village meant even more than clean water and being able to provide food.

Rebecca is a grandmother but she walks 10km every Monday to attend an agricultural training and support group, run by CIFORD - Child.or'g partners in Meru, Kenya. When she started attending the group, Rebecca was laughed at by neighbours in her village. "Can't you get the group to come and meet here?" They would taunt. 

But when the group membership meant that Rebecca secured a brand new water tank for her area, her neighbours had a whole different attitude. Rebecca became the hero of her village, and everybody wanted to know where she had managed to get the tank from. Now, Rebecca is a respected ambassador for her local area, and brings the village's concerns to the meetings. She has provided a catalyst for getting more and more people involved with the local community group, empowering women in her local society.

Rebecca says "I have been having problems with my legs, so it had become hard to go looking for water. I had to wait for my grandchildren to come from school to fetch water. Now the problem is solved. All the people in my village can also see I have a group which can support the elder women in our society."


Upcoming Walk with Water events

Watch this space - new Walk with Water events will be listed here soon!


Plan a walk route

If you'd like to plan a Walk with Water, this website is a great place to find suggested routes near you.

Find local walking routes


Paper sponsorship form

If you wanna go old school and collect offline donations, then please use this paper form! Send it to the office (, 209-211 City Road, London, EC1V 1JN) with a note of explanation and a cheque and we'll process it so that we can reclaim GiftAid on donations.

(Full disclosure: processing offline donations takes up more of our small team's time - so it's cheaper for us if you use an online fundraising page.  But we understand that some people still like paper, so you're very welcome to use this method if it works for you!)

Print the form Merch

Get your hands on our high quality and beautiful merch by hitting your fundraising target! When you've raised over £150 on your page, ask your contact at to send you a lovely tote bag. Hit £300 and we'll send you one of our designer t-shirts in black or white. 

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