Street Children Centres

The Problem

No child should be left on the streets.

Poverty, disease, abuse and other social issues drive hundreds of thousands of children on to the streets of Kenyan cities. There they face physical and sexual abuse, drugs and violence in a daily fight for survival.


To provide safe shelter with food, healthcare, psycho-social support and an education for the street children of Kisumu. To facilitate rehabilitation and reintegration for children living on the streets back to their families and/or wider communities.

Every weekend get
100 street children
off the streets
To rehabilitate
75 children per year
back into their communities

The Latest



The first step is shelter

Hope for Victoria's Children have built up experience of supporting street children in Kisumu since 2003. They have learnt that by providing immediate shelter, food and psycho-social support, over time they can rehabilitate many children back into their communities.

Evidence based on:

The State of the World's Street Children Read article
UNICEF's assessment of global problem Read article

Where we work

We currently work in the Hope for Victoria's Children (HOVIC) centre in Kisumu in Western Kenya.

Methodology funds a weekend feeding programme for ‘street children’ in the HOVIC day centre, a NGO based in Kisumu. This project ensures that these orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC’s) receive nutritious meals, educational development, psycho-social support, advice and medical care from staff at the centre. also provides educational funding support for a number of street children through their primary education, additional support for those within HOVIC in secondary education and also a small number undertaking vocational training.

In 2008 (then KOP) funded the purchase of a property in Kisumu to be a HOVIC ‘night shelter’; a ‘halfway house’ resource for the most vulnerable children living on the streets of Kisumu.  This facility provides an opportunity for children who are particularly vulnerable or are approaching a time in their development with HOVIC to leave the danger of the streets and be integrated back into their communities, it also provides a safe space for girls to receive vocational training during the day.


How you can help

A monthly donation is the best way to help us fund our Street Children’s Centres. We won’t tell you that your monthly donation of £100 saves 100 children. It’s not as simple as that. Read why we need core and join now.

If you want to help us support the children that need most help getting an opportunity, take a look at our Do something page and take your first step.