We need a good reason to exist. There are always better ways to tackle problems that children face - and we’re dedicating ourselves to finding them.

You know that millions of children start life with a disadvantage. They face barriers that stop them accessing a great education, that stop them from staying in good health and feeling safe. You want to change that. So do we.

There are lots of great organisations who make the world better for children. So we need to do something different, something that adds value. What the world actually needs is an organisation that will find the best ways to make the world better for children. And then share that knowledge with everyone.

It won’t be easy, but we’re becoming that organisation. That’s what our Master Plan is all about.


The Master Plan

The Master Plan consists of four steps underpinned by an innovative funding model.

  1. Become experts at designing and innovating programmes
  2. Build a data network of thousands of schools
  3. Allow others to run their programmes through our network
  4. Share our data, knowledge and models
  • Pay for it by building businesses

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Investing in Child.org

Give smarter

To work like this you need to be able to think long term. It’s not enough to build sustainability at the heart of our programmes - we need to develop sustainable funding streams too. That’s why Child.org are building a diverse portfolio of businesses and social enterprises in house that will fund our work long term in a secure way.

If you believe in what we do, the most effective way you can make it happen is to invest in Child.org as a member of Child.org Core. We spend the money you donate on building those businesses, turning each monthly £20 into much more money. Core is for people who want to Give Smarter - to think big and know your donations are solving problems in the long term.

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Make the Master Plan happen

Thank you for reading Child.org’s Master Plan. If you believe in what we do, and you have a desire to make the world better for children in the most effective way possible, we have a role for you in all this.

We want to gather together those supporters who want to give smarter. Those who prefer the feeling of having a bigger more sustainable impact than that of buying a specific meal for one child. And we want to use their support to help kick our Master Plan into gear.

Become a part of Child.org Core for any amount over £20 a month and we’ll invest your support in businesses like Charity Apprentice and Undercover books, turning every penny you donate into much more money to spend on our mission to transform the lives of the world’s most vulnerable children.

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