If your colleagues don't click, maybe half an hour over a pint is all they need to start communicating.

Use Child.org as an excuse to make your workplace more fun. Let your team finish work early on a Friday, in exchange for a £3 donation and a promise that they'll spend that time having a post-work drink together, or taking a longer team lunch. 

Given a bit of space away from their desks, who knows what brilliant new ideas your team could come up with?

Benefits all round

  • Improve relations and communication among team members
  • Be the best boss by rewarding your employees
  • Match donations to show that you care about what your staff care about
  • Give your CSR a boost
  • Claim tax relief on your company donation
  • Change the lives of children living in some of the poorest communities on earth

Why work with Child.org?

  • We can supply resources from posters and photos to email templates to help you promote the initiative and your impact
  • Our secure online donation page will help your staff donate with minumum fuss, and keep track of who has paid for you.
  • Child.org spend your money in the best possible ways to make the best possible changes in the world. We do what works.

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