People who join Core don’t want to be patronised by charities. They want their money to be spent wherever it will have the best possible impact for the world’s children, whether that’s on rice for school meals or posters for a fundraising event.

Join Core for anything over £20 a month, and we will tell you where your money is going. We’ll tell you about the children you’re supporting. But we’ll also tell you a little about how that’s happening; with exclusive insights into the team, what we’re up to, how the charity works, what our plans are and how your money is helping us change the world. Not just the sexy bits, the interesting bits.

As part of Core you will...

  • Receive exclusive up-front updates from about how we spend your money
  • Be actively included in decisions we make at
  • Be consulted on new products for your opinions and ideas
  • Be invited to meet-ups and events to discuss things with the team
  • After your first month, receive a free t-shirt
  • Chat to the team via the  exclusive Twitter feed
  • Know that you're supporting our work in the most cost-effective way possible

Thomas Muirhead, Managing Director of

Telling it like it is. will never

  • Tell you that ‘80% of your money goes to projects in the field’ as if that other 20% isn’t just as important
  • Tell you that all your money is going to buy food for one particular hungry child
  • Objectify the children we support with damaging, emotionally manipulative communications

Instead, we will

  • Spend your money on whatever will help us create real sustainable change in the lives of thousands of children
  • Give you frank information about what that money is being spent on and how it helps
  • Actively include you in decisions, occasionally asking you for feedback and opinions on new ideas and products

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