Core is our community of regular givers who back who we are and what we do. Core are our lifeblood - giving vital unrestricted funds to help us grow our maternal and child health work.

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As part of Core you will...

  • Receive exclusive up-front updates from about how we spend your money
  • Have a direct point of contact with our team (say hello to Hattie!)
  • ​Be invited to meet-ups and events like our awesome Shindig celebration
  • Know that you're supporting our work in the most cost-effective way possible

Thomas Muirhead, Trustee of

Telling it like it is. will never

  • Tell you that ‘80% of your money goes to projects in the field’ as if that other 20% isn’t just as important
  • Tell you that all your money is going to buy food for one particular hungry child
  • Objectify the children we support with damaging, emotionally manipulative communications

Instead, we will

  • Spend your money on whatever will help us create real sustainable change in the lives of thousands of children
  • Give you frank information about what that money is being spent on and how it helps
  • Actively include you in decisions, occasionally asking you for feedback and opinions on new ideas and products

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