What is it?

Gyms in the UK are all about promoting good health and fitness. Spend an afternoon putting your gym's exercise bikes through their paces - and raise money for Child.org's mission to provide comprehensive school health in Kenyan schools. 

A Child.org Attack the Bike session takes place in a local gym, where participants get some tunes pumping, saddle up and attempt to ride as far as they can.

Find an Attack the Bike session near you, below, or contact your local gym to organise your own!

How does it work?

1. Contact your local gym to ask if you can use their bikes for a day and get a group of friends together. The more the merrier!

2. Create your online fundraising page and ask your friends to donate to support Child.org's global health projects

3. Spend an afternoon sweating and laughing as you tackle your chosen distance alongside your mates. 

Attack the Bike is simpler to organise than a regular bike ride, and there's no need to worry about the weather! Best of all, riders of all abilities can set their own target distance and ride at their own speed - but they'll still be riding right alongside each other. Because there's no I in team, guys.


A comprehensive school health programme means the world for a little girl like Zulea.

Child.org know that children can't get a proper education if they're held back by health issues. We also know that just tackling one health issue in a child's school doesn't have a significant impact. So we've created a comprehensive school health programme that works with schools and local government. 

Since Child.org started working in Zulea's school, she and her friends have access to clean water, toilets, handwashing stations with soap, a school first aid kit, a health club, deworming tablets and malaria nets. They're now being taught a whole range of health skills, from family planning and healthy relationship behaviours to good nutrition and disease prevention. 


Attack the Bike Playlist

We're putting together a playlist to keep you peddaling! Check it out out Spotify, and tweet us @childdotorg with your comments and suggestions.

Listen to the playlist


Paper sponsorship form

If you wanna go old school and collect offline donations, then please use this paper form! Send it to the Child.org office (Child.org, studio 54, Hackney Downs Studios  Amhurst Terrace, E8 2BT) with a note of explanation and a cheque and we'll process it so that we can reclaim GiftAid on donations.

(Full disclosure: processing offline donations takes up more of our small team's time - so it's cheaper for us if you use an online fundraising page.  But we understand that some people still like paper, so you're very welcome to use this method if it works for you!)

Print the form


Child.org Merch

Get your hands on our high quality and beautiful Child.org merch by hitting your fundraising target! When you've raised over £100 on your page, ask your contact at Child.org to send you a lovely tote bag. Hit £200 and we'll send you one of our designer Child.org t-shirts in black or white.

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Our Bike Attacking Heroes

Ask Francine

Want to organise your own Attack the Bike? Get in touch with Francine.

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