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  • We’re putting a real focus on our work in Africa

Delivering innovative programmes like HealthStart, and supporting our children’s centres in Kisumu requires a huge amount of input, management and expertise. To do this we work really closely with our excellent partners in Africa. However, we’ve realised that for us to be able to ensure the impact of the work we do, and the money our supporters raise, we need to have someone dedicated to just that.
In a huge step for KOP we’ve recruited someone with great experience of working with partners in Africa, with a strong understanding of our organisational objectives and with a vision for the most vulnerable children in the world that mirrors ours exactly… our very own Martina Gant.


Marti will be between Bristol, London and Kenya for the next few months, and potentially spending much more time in Kenya after that. She’ll be reviewing, assessing and evaluating all our current programmes, as well as identifying new opportunities to transform the lives of vulnerable children. Marti will make everything we do through our partners work better.
It’s another step forward for KOP and one that will directly improve the lives of the most vulnerable children in the world – and it’s a step that’s only been possible because of the incredible support you all give us.


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