Walk Like a Mum

Walk Like a Mum
Organise or join a Walk Like a Mum walk for our Team Mum campaign.

How far could you walk while heavily pregnant? What about if you were in labour?

In rural Kenya, pregnant women often have to walk long distances over terrible roads to access health services. Team Mum fundraising supports programmes like our pregnancy support groups, so mums living in isolated rural communities can be reached by health services.

You can help by holding a Walk Like a Mum walk!

Walk like a mum!

Choose a scenic walking route near you, we suggest around 10 miles. The Walking Britain website has a fantastic list of routes to choose from.

Ask some friends together to join you - walking is more fun in a group! 

Create your online donation page and ask friends, family and colleagues to donate, so we can create pregnancy support groups in Conzolata and Winfred's communities.

Walk your walk while carrying a weight of 10kg (the average amount of extra weight carried by a woman when she is pregnant). We strongly recommend carrying your weight in a sturdy backpack. (If you are pregnant yourself or have back problems, please consult a doctor before taking part, and we would recommend you do the walk without carrying the weight.)

Don't forget to drop us an email at hello@child.org for advice or support!

Why should you Walk Like a Mum?

In Kenya, one in 26 babies don't survive to see their first birthday. Pregnancy, birth and raising your baby are all unacceptably dangerous for women in rural Kenya. Team Mum are determined to fund pregnancy support groups to provide mums with vital health information and peer support.

Conzolata currently walks for three hours over uneven terrain to attend nutritional training sessions so she can learn how to best care for Victor. Watch this video to hear her talk about what being a new mum is like when you're so hard to reach with health services and lack support.

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Team Mum fundraising resources

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Can I join an existing walk?

Sure! Drop us an email at hello@child.org and we'll let you know if there's a walk being organised in your local area.

Do I have to carry the weight?

Carrying the 10kg is part of the challenge, to give you an idea of what walking long distances is like for an expectant mum. However, if you and your walkers would prefer to go without, or to carry the weight between you, then feel free - it's your walk!

What will my donations be spent on?

Team Mum fundraising is spent on projects like our pregnant women's groups, baby box project and on taking Child.org’s Team Mum work forward, designing, funding and delivering more solutions like this for mums in countries including Kenya and Sierra Leone.  Read more about Team Mum here.

Can I use a JustGiving page / Facebook fundraiser / other fundraising platform instead of a Child.org fundraising page?

If you desperately want to. If you use our own donation pages you ensure that 100% of donations come directly to Child.org, and you help more people to learn about the charity. So we'd prefer it. But whatever floats your boat.

What are fundraising awards?

Small gifts that you can offer people in return for donating to support you. You can use them to encourage slightly larger donations and make your donors feel appreciated. We recommend something like:

Donate £10 and I'll record an effusive Thank You video.

Donate £20 and I'll bake you a cupcake

Donate £40 and I'll invite you to the end-of-walk celebration drinks!

I have more questions

If you're in contact with a Child.org Charity Fast-Tracker who has recruited you to their team, ask them! If not, get in touch with us (below).

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