Posted on
20th Nov 2015
by Ellie Dawes


Hello to the treated!

This week's Treat is your first one delivered by Janice, our new Fundraising and development officer!

The big news this month is that have been selected as The Soroptimists' main charity project for the next three years. 

355 clubs of enterprising professional Soroptimist women will be fundraising so that can fund a women's group project in Meru. Kenya. The cycle of poverty in these rural communities is exacerbated by the lack of education and social standing of women in the community. High school drop-out rates due to FGM, early marriages and teenage pregnancy are a barrier to girls education, which further impacts on the welfare and education of their children. 

"The women continued to be marginalized and could not make decisions which would affect community development. In a community where many women do not complete primary school, high malnutrition and child mortality are common due to ignorance."- Margaret Ikiara, leader of CIFORD, our partners in Kenya.

By fundraising with the Soroptimists, will now be able to work with these women, educating them on agricultural skills as well as health and nutrition which will reduce child mortality rates and mean their children can access the opportunities that their mothers were barred from. 

Here are some photographs from the Meru project:

Marti has written a blog about winning the bid which you can read here