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  • This Galentines Day, meet Lilian

It’s become popular for people to shower their most vital friends in love and appreciation on 13 February, acknowledging that friendships are as important as romantic relationships, and not to be taken for granted. This activity has become known as Galentines Day, thanks to Parks and Recreation, but there’s no reason men can’t be involved too (Mumdood at celebrates it as Palentines Day…)
It’s great to take stock, to remember the times when a group of our peers were there to offer love and support. Here at, we’ve been thinking about that a lot recently, as we work to raise donations for our Team Mum appeal and create our pregnancy support groups. 
The groups we’re working to fund will arm mums with vital health information that will help them keep themselves and their babies safe through pregnancy and early infancy. But they will also be an important source of friendly peer-to-peer support. We’ve been asking mums, both in Kenya and in the UK, about what they wish they’d known when they first became pregnant. A common theme from all mums is that they need someone to ask for advice, someone to tell them that they are doing well!
Lilian was struggling for money and support when she became pregnant. In this video, she describes what happened when she went into labour – and why she wishes she’d had the chance to join a pregnancy support group:

If you donate to Join Team Mum before 30 April, your donation will be matched by the UK government. Together, we will launch pregnancy support groups in Lilian’s community in Meru. Here are five great ways to support Team Mum this Galentines Day…
1. Plan an International Women’s Day pub quiz


Order your pack and plan to get your friends together on or around International Women’s Day (8th March). This quiz has been created specially for Team Mum by our friends at Wondering Womb. It’s designed to be hilarious fun which celebrating the power of women. You could host it in your local pub, at work or in your living room! Find out how to host a quiz.
2. Share Lilian’s story


We’re sharing a whole host of content on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter during the Team Mum campaign. Lilian has joined Team Mum and lent us her story and her voice so we can make a difference in her community. Please amplify that voice by sharing our posts this week.
3. Consider a real adventure


Riders are signing up now for our first ever all-women Ride Africa this July. Join TV presenter Cat Cubie, some awesome Team Mum partners, and the team on the ride of a lifetime through Kenya. You’ll finish your ride in Meru, where you’ll likely meet Lilian and talk to her first-hand about how pregnancy support groups will make a difference. Read more about ride in Jamie’s blog here, or sign up at 
4. Get your colleagues to hold a Royal Baby Sweepstake in your office


Easy peasy office fundraising! Order your pack, stick some names in a hat and wait for Megan and Harry’s baby to be royally named.
5. Plan a night out at one of our Team Mum events


If you’re in London, check out our women-power themed programme of awesome events at Vault Festival, or bring your mum to our Mother’s Day Concert (details soon to be announced!) Elsewhere in the country, look out for an International Women’s Day quiz near you.
For more about our campaign, and to donate, please visit Thank you for all your help so far – we can do this!


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