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  • Team Mum is Growing

Hello, Lucy N (Programmes Assistant) and Hattie (Communications & Fundraising Officer) here. We are excited to be writing our first blog together, but even more excited to share our next BIG piece of work with you: growing Team Mum to support a further 20,000 pregnant women.

From 2019-2022, we ran community-based pregnancy support groups for over 6,000 pregnant women in Igembe Central, Meru. These groups (called “Team Mum”) were the first of their kind in Kenya, bringing pregnant women together within their communities to provide life-saving, life-changing information on how to keep themselves and their babies safe and healthy.

Over the last three years, we have seen how the Team Mum model for community-based pregnancy support groups can bridge the gap between communities and formal healthcare services, and catalyse improvements within maternal and neonatal health care delivery. Now, we want to go further.

We’re working with the Ministry of Health in Meru to support 20,000 women, across the whole of Meru County.

Team Mum is back: the work so far

At the end of April, Chege (Project Officer), Omoko (Project Field Assistant) and Lucy N (Programmes Assistant) spent three days in Meru working on the training of trainers.

What is the training of trainers? and the County Health Management Team are working together to train Sub-Counties on what pregnancy support groups are, and how to set them up using the Team Mum manuals as a guide.

Members of Sub-County Health Management Team will go on to train Community Health Assistants and Volunteers on running the groups in their local areas.

Last month’s sessions were a success not only because they paved the way for the rest of Team

How are we going to support 20,000 women?

In 2019, our team in Kenya trained Community Health Assistants and Community Health Volunteers to set up and run Team Mum pregnancy support groups. During the sessions, pregnant women learnt life-saving information about maternal care, such as recognising danger signs, and gained a support network.

Now, the team is working even more directly with local government; collaborating with members of the County and Sub-County Health Management Teams who will train Community Healths Assistants and Volunteers themselves.

By partnering closely with local government, we are helping build stronger maternal health systems which are sustained by local communities, policies and resources.

Mum’s implementation: they created a space for the County and Sub-County Health Management Teams to work cohesively together and develop a sense of ownership over the pregnancy support groups.

The team was also delighted to see that the Sub-County team already recognised and embraced the importance of Team Mum in relation to their work.

And what’s next?

The next step of Team Mum is happening as we speak: the official 2023 launch where Meru county officials, such as the County Director of Health, will be present.

And then we’re off! The Sub-County team will work with local communities to set up Team Mum to support local pregnant women as they embark on their maternal journeys.

So why do we need supporters?

Team Mum is based on data: we know it can work because we have seen it work.

However, like all charities, our projects rely on supporters. £13 is how much it costs for one woman to attend all six of our pregnancy support group sessions. You can donate £13 today, or even sign up to donate £13 every month.

Every donation means a huge amount to our little team and the work we do.

We will keep you updated on this exciting journey, as we watch our work – and our impact – continue to grow.

Lucy N & Hattie x


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