Team Mum Campaign Assistant

Help us out with our biggest campaign- Team Mum. You will be working with our dynamic UK and Kenyan team on events, fundraising and communications. Multiple positions available, flexible start dates from September - December.

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The role

Team Mum is’s biggest campaign. We have a target to raise a minimum of £150,000. The money raised is essential to our development into a larger organisation, and will enable us to create a new pregnancy support group programme for young mums in Kenya. These pregnant women are frequently ostracised and drop out of education, leaving them disempowered and without access to vital health information and services. The groups will equip pregnant women with the knowledge and support they need to make pregnancy, motherhood and early infancy safe for themselves and their newborn babies.

As our campaign assistant you will be a key part of the success of our biggest campaign, Team Mum, which aims to raise £100k over three months. You’ll work with our dynamic team in the UK and Kenya, supporting on events, fundraising and communications. 

As with all roles at, this position offers the opportunity to take on more responsibility in areas of particular interest to you, and will be able to contribute your own ideas in weekly team meetings and brainstorms. 

This campaign will be supported by the Department for International Development, so the placement also offers a unique insight into the ways in which a small NGO works with the UK government.


  • Communicate with schools, nurseries and other partner organisations to spread the word about Team Mum, our events and fundraising activities.

  • Contact Supper Clubs and food event organisers in the UK to request support for the campaign.

  • Assist in the planning and delivery of small sports and community events.

  • Work creatively to engage parents in the UK with the Team Mum message.

  • Coordinate the distribution of Team Mum campaign materials across the country.

  • Track the success of the campaign to the standards required by the government.

  • Assist the project manager in all aspects of the campaign as necessary - logistics, communications, administration (including risk and change management related to Covid-19).

Note: You will be fully supported by the team but this role does require you to work independently on your tasks and to keep on top of your workload.


About you

  • You will have a positive attitude and be a team player.

  • You will be passionate about social justice and global health.

  • You will be eager to learn new skills and try out new things.

You'll be really good at

  • Great communication skills- you’ll be happy to pick up the phone and call someone you’ve never spoken to before, to chat to them about the amazing things they can achieve by fundraising for Team Mum. You’ll also be able to communicate clearly in writing.

  • Well-organised: you’ll keep on top of your emails and meet multiple deadlines. 

  • Digitally literate - you are confident using a range of digital platforms and using basic spreadsheets.

Applying for the role

Required experience

No required experience necessary- just a willingness to learn!

Application guidance

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Be on the cutting edge do what works. That means we innovate often and react fast to new information and trends, ensuring we're always doing what will help us have the very best long-term sustainable impact in the lives of the children we're here to support.

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Our small team means you'll have a clear insight into everything we do, from designing our website to funding our projects in the field. If you don't like feeling like a small cog in a big machine, is for you.


The team make our own opportunities. is the kind of place where driven employees can go from interning to launching and managing fundraising events worth tens of thousands of pounds, within months. If you're innovative and ambitious, we'll help you bite off more than you think you can chew.

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We love dramatic Spotify work music, animated gif memos and fancy dress Fridays. We love Kinder Surprise meetings and wearing t-shirts on our days off. We love post-work pina coladas and the sound of rain. We smile when we get to the office in the morning. If you think you might love some or all of these things, you'll love working at