Changing rooms

Posted on
13th Jul 2018
by Ellie Dawes

A new London Office with room to grow...

The London team are excited to be moving to a new home in Old Street! From August 3rd, 2018 our new address will be:
209-211 City Road

To celebrate, we'd love you to join us for Friday drinks on 3rd August from 5pm at The Eagle pub on Shepherdess Walk, right round the corner from our new home! Everyone is welcome for an informal meet up and a chat about our current work and plans.

As well as having more room for our growing team, are particularly excited that our new office sees us sharing space and working right alongside other charities! We'll also be more central and closer to public transport links, which will save our team valuable time in travelling to meetings and make it easier for people to come and see us.

Please do update any records you have for us, and bear with the team during the transition period while we update our address everywhere and get settled in. (Our phone number will stay the same, a big benefit of using an office mobile instead of a landline.)

Look out for more updates about our new space... because we've got some VERY exciting plans in the pipeline. No spoilers.


(We don't have a pic of our new office yet, but this post looked a bit dull without a photo. So I've used one of Anjali moving everything into our new office two years ago. She'll be thrilled.) in Studio 54

Posted on
03rd Sep 2015
by Ellie Dawes

Nope, we're not all having a night out in an infamously hedonistic New York night club. We have a new address.

Our new address is almost identical to our old address, but the eagle-eyed will spot a teeny change to the studio number:
Studio 54
Hackney Downs Studios
Amhurst Terrace
E8 2BT

Yep we have moved the whole office up several flights of stairs. Hard work, look how tired Anjali is:

The reward is more space for our growing team and a nicer view of Hackney:

(The view from the last office was a brick wall, so this is a definite improvement, and we can see trains going past.)

Now we are ensconced in our new abode, we need a little help from you. Could you help to source any of the following?

1. A desk tenant. 
We're looking for someone to rent a desk in our office. Do you know someone looking for affordable desk space in Hackney who would like to work in a cheerful charity office with us, and doesn't mind a bit of background music? Drop us an email at for details.

2. Furniture. 
We need to furnish our new space on a budget! To make use of our new office we're looking for:

- Quotes from local carpeters/furniture makers to build work benches along the walls

- A nice sofa

- A large wooden meeting table

- A tall cupboard

If you think you could help with any of these things, please get in touch for more details!

3. For goodness' sake, someone please take this table away.
We hate this little glass table which is useful for nothing and is cluttering up the place.

We have put it on Ebay and on Freecycle but noone is taking it. If you would like a free smallish glass table, or just have a car and fancy taking it to the dump for us, we will give you an official Table Banisher award.


If you're interested in seeing our new office, why not drop us an email at and pop by for a cup of tea some time?


You deserve the best support

Posted on
09th Mar 2015
by Thomas Muirhead

Whether you’re one of our Charity Apprentices, or a long time supporter by direct debit; one of our fantastic Ambassadors or a 9 year old climbing Ben Nevis, we feel you deserve the best support you can get. So we’re committed to providing you with the support you deserve by building our team.

Content & Community Manager
Ellie Dawes has joined the KOP team as our new Content and Community Manager. Ellie will be focused on making our Charity Apprentice course the best training experience for the third sector anywhere in the world. She will ensure our Apprentices emerge with all the skills they need to change the world. She’ll also be responsible for how KOP talks – being an expert copy writer and brilliant at bringing a brand to life. Ellie has written a blog on Charity Apprentice.

Supporter Experience Assistant
Anjali (above) has joined us as our new Supporter Experience Assistant. She’ll be focused on supporting the entire KOP community (Apprentices, Ambassadors, Supporters, Alumni). It’s essential you all get everything you need, and know that you have someone you can chat to if you need anything. She’s lovely, so give her a call on 07751768207 if you have any questions.

We're putting a real focus on our work in Africa

Posted on
09th Mar 2015
by Thomas Muirhead

Delivering innovative programmes like HealthStart, and supporting our children’s centres in Kisumu requires a huge amount of input, management and expertise. To do this we work really closely with our excellent partners in Africa. However, we’ve realised that for us to be able to ensure the impact of the work we do, and the money our supporters raise, we need to have someone dedicated to just that.

In a huge step for KOP we’ve recruited someone with great experience of working with partners in Africa, with a strong understanding of our organisational objectives and with a vision for the most vulnerable children in the world that mirrors ours exactly… our very own Martina Gant.

Marti will be between Bristol, London and Kenya for the next few months, and potentially spending much more time in Kenya after that. She’ll be reviewing, assessing and evaluating all our current programmes, as well as identifying new opportunities to transform the lives of vulnerable children. Marti will make everything we do through our partners work better.

It’s another step forward for KOP and one that will directly improve the lives of the most vulnerable children in the world – and it’s a step that’s only been possible because of the incredible support you all give us.

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