Sukuma wiki challenge

Sukuma wiki challenge
Could you eat kale for a week? Take on the Sukuma Wiki Challenge and help fund pregnancy support groups that will provide valuable nutrition information to mums in Meru.

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In Meru, women grow a kind of kale to support their families. The kale is known as sukuma wiki or “stretch the week” because it’s a nutritious and cheap way to bulk out your meals to last all week. 

In the UK, so many of us are able to feast on an enormous variety of food on a weekly basis. Could you deal with a week of kale?

Take the Sukuma Wiki challenge!

We give you a list of just five ingredients for your week (see below).

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Use your creativity and cooking skills to eat like you're stretching your week with kale.

Share your journey with your friends and family and encourage them to donate in support of Team Mum and provide new mums in Meru with vital health information and support, including nutrition advice.


The big five

For one week, you can only eat...


You can use as much or as little of each ingredient as you like... But you're not allowed to eat anything else. Yes, after your third day of kale breakfast you'll be crying out for granola. That's what challenges are all about.

This is not a weight loss or hunger challenge. It's a challenge that's designed to give you a limited insight into the monotony of poverty, and a fresh appreciation of the luxury of a varied diet. care about you - we ask that you make sure you're eating plenty of food, stop if you feel ill, and do not continue the challenge beyond one week.


Why take on the Sukuma wiki challenge for Team Mum?

In Kenya, one in 26 babies don't survive to see their first birthday. Pregnancy, birth and raising your baby are all unacceptably dangerous for women in rural Kenya. will use the money you raise to create pregnancy support groups and provide mums with vital health information and support.

Our pregnancy support groups will teach new mums important information about nutrition. What should they eat while pregnant? How long should they breastfeed their baby for? The information you help us to provide will help mums to keep their babies safe. 

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What does Sukuma Wiki mean?

It's what Kenyans call a popular kind of kale. It means "stretch the week" - because kale is a good way to bulk out your diet if you're short of food.

Why must I eat kale?

Because kale is awesome, delicious, trendy, and a well-loved staple amoung the communities we support in Kenya.

What am I supposed to do with just flour?

Make chapatis.  Watch our Programme Manager, Cherio's chapati cookalong on Facebook

Can I use other storecupboard ingredients?

It's up to you. We reckon that salt, pepper and cooking oil are fair game. Making your kale meals super interesting with a load of spices and extras from your fridge is not really in the spirit of the challenge.

It's your challenge, and you can design your own rules. You can also choose whether to go hardcore and just drink water, or allow yourself cups of tea and the occasional glass of wine! If you're taking part in a team, we do recommend you agree your collective rules together.

What will my donations be spent on?

This year, are raising funds to launch pregnant women's groups for young mums to keep them and their babies safer, and we're also hoping to launch a new version of our Baby Box project in a new area of Kenya. That's why we refer to our fundraisers as "in Team Mum"!

Can I use a JustGiving page / Facebook fundraiser / other fundraising platform instead of a fundraising page?

If you desperately want to. If you use our own donation pages you ensure that 100% of donations come directly to, and you help more people to learn about the charity. So we'd prefer it. But whatever floats your boat.

What if I want to take part but I'm allergic to one of The Big Five ingredients?

Swap it for something else. No one will mind. Something similar though, don't be swapping out tomato for Mars bars.

What are fundraising awards?

Small gifts that you can offer people in return for donating to support you. You can use them to encourage slightly larger donations and make your donors feel appreciated. We recommend something like:

Donate £10 and I'll record an effusive Thank You video.

Donate £20 and I'll bake you a Kale Kupcake

Donate £40 and I'll invite you over for a slap-up celebration dinner (once I'm back on normal food)

I have more questions

If you're in contact with a Charity Fast -Tracker who has recruited you to their team, ask them! If not, ask Jacob (below).

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