Spectacular Events Manager

Do you relish the opportunity to put on a sell-out spectacular event? Do you love the feeling of getting that last ticket sold? Do you have ambitions for launching multiple creative events? Do you want to take ownership and responsibility for an income stream and make it work? This is an exciting opportunity to be part of a small, fast-growing international development organisation.

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Contract Full time Salary £23-25k depending on experience Holiday 28 days pro rata Location Hackney, London Start date Immediate Application deadline 9am, Monday 23rd April Contact hello@child.org

The role

We are looking for a new Event Manager to help us grow our internal events entity, Spectacular Events. We create amazing experiences as a sustainable income source for Child.org, relying on ticket sales and commercial opportunities rather than donations.

You will be responsible for the management, marketing and logistics of our series of Spectacular Events, this will include:

  • Managing the plan for events scheduled across the year

  • Creating new and innovative events that will provide a good return for the charity

  • Manage ticket sales for events, keep a keen eye on numbers sold and marketing required at every stage

  • Organising the event logistics for each event, including:

    • venue liaison;

    • prop sourcing;

    • volunteer resource;

    • and whatever else is required for the event to go off without a hitch.

  • Preparing and managing budgets on a granular event level and at a broader level across the year.

  • Oversee marketing and advertising across the events

This will be an exciting and challenging job for a self starter with a passion for the start-up mentality. You’ll find yourself ranging from drawing up event plans and budgets; sourcing Wizard-themed props; liaising with actors for immersive experiences; setting up facebook adverts to sell to new audiences; you will throw yourself in with passion and commitment.

About you

You have a natural instinct for business, seeking out opportunities for income growth and for maximising anything that comes your way.

You will enjoy finding new audiences for your creative events.

You will enjoy the buzz of event day.

You will be enthusiastic, diplomatic and adaptable in your approach.

You have the organisational skills and attention to detail to implement and maintain an event plan.

You are the kind of person who wants to have an impact, who likes to throw yourself into something. You'll make this brand your own, and work hard to grow it into something amazing.


You'll be really good at

1. Project coordination

You will be managing a wide range of events. Some will be at different stages of development and will be a demand on your time. We need someone who can manage a diverse range of priorities and make sure events go off without a hitch, whilst responding to new opportunities or developing new concepts.

2. Communication skills

This role is external facing - you will spend a lot of your time with people or on the phone. We need someone in our team who is able communicate clearly and passionately about what we do, and read and understand the people they meet. The confidence to pick up the phone or speak to a huge range of people is vital.

3. Self direction

You will have the support of the whole team behind you, because that’s how we work at Child.org. There are also some pretty amazing trustees and volunteers with fundraising and business experience who will be on hand to help. However, we are a small charity and there’s a huge amount to do. This means we need someone who is able to work proactively and under their own initiative, and who thrives on the chance to prove what they can really do.

4. Financial sense

As a role which is about generating money for the business, a keen sense of what will make money and what won’t, is important. The ability to manage simple budgets and project estimated income is helpful - with support and guidance from the team along the way.


Applying for the role

Required experience

Obviously, we’d love you to have a huge range of experience in all sorts of areas of fundraising, event logistics, budgeting and relationship management, but we know you won’t have all of those. If you are driven, capable, smart and can explain why you could do this job really well then we will consider you.


Application guidance

We do want to see your CV, but we also want a cover letter that explains why you will be really good at raising money for us. Focus less on your passion for the cause, and more on how your skills and drive will help improve our events offering and increase our income - because that’s how we’ll impact the lives of children most. Tell us what you like about what we do; or what you think we should be doing; or why placing our Spectacular Events in your hands is a good idea. Give us a flavour of what having you as part of the team will be like.

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Why work for Child.org?

Be on the cutting edge

Child.org do what works. That means we innovate often and react fast to new information and trends, ensuring we're always doing what will help us have the very best long-term sustainable impact in the lives of the children we're here to support.

Feel your impact

Our small team means you'll have a clear insight into everything we do, from designing our website to funding our projects in the field. If you don't like feeling like a small cog in a big machine, Child.org is for you.


The Child.org team make our own opportunities. Child.org is the kind of place where driven employees can go from interning to launching and managing fundraising events worth tens of thousands of pounds, within months. If you're innovative and ambitious, we'll help you bite off more than you think you can chew.

Love your job

We love dramatic Spotify work music, animated gif memos and fancy dress Fridays. We love Kinder Surprise meetings and wearing Child.org t-shirts on our days off. We love post-work pina coladas and the sound of rain. We smile when we get to the office in the morning. If you think you might love some or all of these things, you'll love working at Child.org.