List it. Sell it. Donate it.

List it. Sell it. Donate it.
Team Mum equips mums in Kenya with vital health information to keep them and their baby safe. Declutter for good and list an item using #TeamMum on Shpock!

What is List it. Sell it. Donate it?

In communities where postnatal care provision is low, vital health information isn't reaching mums. Team Mum runs projects in Kenya to arm young mums with the information and support they need to keep themselves and their babies safe.

To raise money for Team Mum, we are teaming up with Shpock to run List it. Sell it. Donate it. The concept is simple: Find something pre-loved that you don't use anymore and list it on the Shpock app using #TeamMum, sell it, donate a percentage or all of the profits to Team Mum. This is especially great for parents who might have old toys and clothes laying around which they can get rid of, all whilst supporting mums in Kenya. 

Declutter for good and pledge your support for #TeamMum!

What is Shpock?

Shpock is the marketplace app that allows users to buy, sell or give away items in their local area. They share our values and want to help mums and babies, so have teamed up with us for their first ever charity partnership.

List your pre-loved items on Shpock via their app using #TeamMum, and you can donate all or some of the proceeds to Team Mum. 



What is Team Mum?

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Sold it?

How to take part:

It's super simple:

Find something pre-loved that you don't want anymore.

List it on Shpock using #TeamMum and sell your item.

Donate a percentage or all of the proceeds to Team Mum.'s Charity Shop on Shpock

We're now running our very own Charity Shop on Shpock, selling all sorts of exciting PDF downloads, see below- all proceeds support Team Mum! 

Gifts to stay safe at home: 

Our popular kids treasure hunts, including Harry Potter, Under the Sea, Fairytale, and Pirates themes are now available on our Shpock shop! You'll receive a PDF with all the clues, a colouring in page and creative costume challenge.

Gifts that give back: 

Buy a boob, baby box or session guide to be used in Kenya or text a mum a lifesaving message. You'll receive a lovely digital certificate that can printed and turned into a card or emailed as a PDF.  

Check it out


Why should you support Team Mum?

In Kenya, one in 26 babies don't survive to see their first birthday. Some of Kenya’s youngest mums are left without access to vital health services. Without expert health information, pregnant girls and their babies are at risk. Your fundraising will help us run projects to arm the youngest and most vulnerable mums with the health information and support they need to keep themselves, and their babies safe.


What will my donations be spent on? support mums and babies with programmes like our pregnant women's groups and our baby box project to help keep them and their babies safe. That's why we refer to our fundraisers as "in Team Mum"!

Can I use another selling app instead of Shpock?

We are teaming up with Shpock exclusively for Sell That Thing and for every item sold on Shpock, they will donate the seller fees to Team Mum. This means if all our supporters use Shpock to Sell That Thing, we will raise more money for our pregnancy support groups. 

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