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  • Securing local authority support for our pregnancy support groups

It’s vitally important that the Team Mum Pregnancy Support Groups form part of a joined-up healthcare journey for new mums. We always want to work in partnership with existing health services to support and strengthen them – not undermine or seek to replace them! Here’s a little update into how our team have been working to achieve that over the past couple of weeks…
Last week, Cherio ( Programme Manager) and Margaret Ikeira (the brilliant leader of CIFORD, our local partner organisation) met with Minister for Health (CEC) Mr Mutuma and local ministry officials. The result of this meeting was that Meru County gave official support to our activities in Meru! This means we will be able to access health facilities to strengthen the referral pathways for women from the community to health facilities. The county also offered human resource support to help run our activities in rural communities. 
Following this, and CIFORD held a meeting this week with the Igembe Central Sub-County Health Management Team. Igembe Central is the project implementation site for our pregnancy support groups. It was a very fruitful meeting that saw the team pledging their support to all of our activities which would help improve the maternal health indicators in the sub-county.
They promised that through them, community health volunteers would work very closely with the project team to ensure that pregnant women in Igembe Central will have access to maternal health services in all the sub-county health facilities. They were even kind enough to offer our project team office space and free wifi, to ensure an even closer working relationship! We are so excited about this partnership that has the potential to improve the lives of thousands of pregnant women and their newborns in Igembe Central, Meru County.


Our pregnancy support group programme in Meru was funded by the incredible supporters who donated to our Team Mum Campaign earlier this year, and the UK government who matched their donations through UK Aid Match.
If you’re impressed by what we do, please fund more work like this by joining Team Mum Monthly!


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