Safari Bike Ride

Safari Bike Ride
Take part in our Safari Bike Rides to arm Kenya’s youngest mums with the information they need to protect their own health and the health of their baby.

What are Safari Bike Rides?

Safari Bike Rides are cycle rides for kids, which teach them a little bit about Kenya. Get your child's class to take part - each going on their very own Safari Ride, sharing photos and stories with one another, and tracking their group's progress towards a shared fundraising goal! On their route, they collect stickers in their personal Safari Spotter's Guide, showing animals they might come across if they were cycling in Kenya! The children who take part also learn about how they're supporting young families. 

For organisers:

Thank you so much for organising a Safari Bike Ride for Team Mum! We all need something fun to look forward to right now. The kids on your rides will love the chance to let off some steam and be able to share an experience with their friends, even if they can't be together in person! Below you'll find all the resources you need to make your rides successful & safe for all those involved! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with Jacob at

Download your pack

Organiser guide

Organiser materials

Ride resources

Make your ride safe

Government guidance


For riders:

We encourage each child to raise £100 in sponsorship. This supports's Team mum programmes in Kenya - providing new mums with vital information and support, and keeping babies safe (see more below).

It's super simple:

Create your online donation page and ask friends & family to donate. Speak to Jacob (details below) about how to create a team so that you can have a shared goal with other Safari Riders!

Celebrate your work to support mums by colouring in the fundraising page in your pack.

Check out the government guidance on staying safe outside your home before leaving home. These 'events' are done just within your family or support bubble, so they are in line with current government guidance, but you still need to be careful while interacting with others on your route!

Set off on your Safari Cycle adventure & make sure to collect stickers in your Safari Spotter's Guide along the way. Share photos from your cycle with your fellow riders using the #TeamMum hashtag

Don't forget to drop us an email at for advice or support!

Why should you organise Safari Bike Rides for your friends and family?

In Kenya, one in 26 babies don't survive to see their first birthday. Pregnancy, birth and raising your baby are all unacceptably dangerous for women in rural Kenya. Very young pregnant women are frequently ostracised and drop out of education, leaving them disempowered and without access to vital health information and services. This combined with high rates of FGM can present complications during pregnancy and childbirth. run projects that provide mums with vital health information and support. 

Fundraising resources

Want  leaflets, posters and stickers?

Order more general fundraising resources to use at fundraising events. Why not put a poster up at your workplace?




What will my donations be spent on? support mums and babies with programmes like our pregnant women's groups and baby box projects to help keep them and their babies safe. That's why we refer to our fundraisers as "in Team Mum"!

Can I use a JustGiving page / Facebook fundraiser / other fundraising platform instead of a fundraising page?

If you desperately want to. If you use our own donation pages you ensure that 100% of donations come directly to, and you help more people to learn about the charity. So we'd prefer it. But whatever floats your boat.

What are fundraising awards?

Small gifts that you can offer people in return for donating to support you. You can use them to encourage slightly larger donations and make your donors feel appreciated. We recommend something like:

Donate £10 and I'll record an effusive Thank You video.

Donate £20 and I'll bake you a cupcake

Donate £40 and I'll invite you to the end-of-walk celebration drinks!

I have more questions

Get in touch with Jacob (see below).

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