Royal Baby Sweepstake

Royal baby sweepstake for Team Mum
Join in the fun, donate and predict the name of Meghan and Harry's new baby! Pull the right name out of the hat and win £25, with a further £25 raised to fund pregnancy support groups in rural Kenya.

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Order your pack to arrive by email or post. It contains full instructions on how to host a sweepstake with your team.

Create a donation page for your team to each donate to Team Mum, or simply collect cash and pay in your donations at

When Harry and Meghan's baby arrives, the person who drew the right name from the hat will win £25 and a bottle of wine!

Mercy Team Mum

Why hold a Royal Baby Sweepstake for Team Mum?

In many ways, Meghan and Mercy are having very different pregnancies. But some things are the same. Becoming a mum for the first time can be frightening for anyone, and every new mum needs a source of health information and support. 

Every new baby, wherever they are born, is precious and worth celebrating. Each one deserves the chance to thrive and live their life to the full. But Mercy's baby will be born in Kenya, where one in 26 babies don't live to see their first birthday. By holding a Royal Baby Sweepstake for Team Mum, you will be celebrating the birth of our new royal baby, by providing another new mum in Mercy's community with the vital health information that could help her baby to survive.


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