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Remarkable Tours
Tours by passionate people for the insatiably curious. Discover something new in London, Oxford or Edinburgh...

Remarkable Tours are themed and fun city tours - run with passion. We give you the chance to explore a new city with a passionate local. We currently run tours about Harry Potter in London and Edinburgh and a Feminist tour of London, with more tours launching soon! Delivered exclusively through Airbnb experiences, our tours have grown to be incredibly successful, have received over 300 five-star reviews and raised thousands of pounds to support's work. work hard to ensure our Tours compete with the top tourist experiences in our chosen cities. Our tours are led by professional actors and comedians who are extremely passionate about their tour subject. The commensts from people who have been on our tours make us happy. We are often told “it was the highlight of my trip” and hear compliments about our “friendly and informative hosts”. We want to make your holiday or city break special, while making sure 100% of the profit from your experience comes straight to the charity, to change the lives of children born into poverty.












Photography by Ali Wright. For more photos from the tours, follow us on Instagram!

Remarkable Sights from Arthur's Seat

Edinburgh - 2.5 hours - offered in English - £15 per person

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Edinburgh’s city centre, where better to do it than an extinct volcano? Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh’s main peak and a Site of Special Scientific Interest, provides stunning panoramic views of Edinburgh from 205m altitude - well deserved after a walk in the fresh air.

But don’t be fooled. This is no ordinary hike up to Arthur’s Seat. This tour is a time machine, transporting you back to the Medieval age when King Arthur and dragons walked this very same path. Your guide John, a grade A timemaster, will reveal tales of Edinburgh’s folklore and history with a volcanic relic as your backdrop. And as with all good walks, you’ll end your trip through the ages at a traditional Scottish pub.

This 2.5 hour walk is suitable for all ages and definitely worth the opportunity to see Edinburgh from a new (and elevated) perspective. So come alone, hike with friends, or bring the whole family along. You won’t regret choosing to join Arthur at his throne.

Edinburgh's Gruesome History

Edinburgh - 1.5 hours - offered in English - £15 per person

Walkers beware, you’re in for a scare. Once you enter Edinburgh’s medieval city walls in the evening’s half light, there’s no escaping the gruesome history that lies in wait for you.

Every Friday-Sunday at 8pm, our ghostly guides Kate and John will be waiting at the Duke of Wellington Statue to lead you through Edinburgh’s medieval walls. Follow the floating unicorn (an age-old amulet providing protection from the supernatural) to learn of Edinburgh’s twisted crimes and cruel punishments, meet its witches and ghosts, and come face to face with its downright sadistic characters. Our tales will disturb, horrify, and crack your sides with laughter.

Starting with a stunning view of Edinburgh castle, you will wander through one of the most haunted graveyards in the world and march down the infamous Royal Mile. You will then be guided to the beautiful St Giles’ Cathedral, spit on the Heart of Midlothian, and discover where Edinburgh believed the world ended. Book now… if you dare.


London's Ultimate Harry Potter Walking Tour

London - 2 hours - offered in English - £15 per person

Step through the brick wall and feel the magic of Harry Potter's London. From the secret location of the Leaky Cauldron to the inspiration for Knockturn Alley, we'll take you on a walking tour of the iconic sights featured in the films and the magical places that inspired JK Rowling's imagination. There will be trivia rounds to keep you on your toes and truly test your knowledge of the Harry Potter world. An experience not to be missed for true Potter fans. We look forward to transporting you to the wizarding world.

Led by our hilarious guides Tom, Benny, Holli, Zoe, Anna & Matt, London for Muggles has been running since April 2018. It has been an enormous success! Over 1000 people have joined us to explore Harry Potter's London from all over the globe, and we've even been recommended by Mugglenet.

Our Harry Potter London tour is 100% access friendly, and has been run as a wish by the Make a Wish Foundation.

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The Ultimate Harry Potter Walking Tour

Edinburgh - 2.5 hours - offered in English - £20 per person

Step through the brick wall and feel the magic of Harry Potter's Edinburgh. From the café where J.K. Rowling wrote Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone to The Dark Lord's Grave, we'll take you on a walking tour of the iconic sights and the magical places that inspired J.K. Rowling's imagination. 

There will be trivia rounds to keep you on your toes and truly test your knowledge of the Harry Potter world. An experience not to be missed for true Potter fans. We look forward to transporting you to the wizarding world.

Led by our brilliant guides, Hannah and Caroline, our first Scottish tour launched in July 2018 and in just a few months has taken over 1200 people around the historic city. The tour now runs every single day, and twice at weekends!

The Feminist's Tour of London

London - 2.5 hours - offered in English - £15 per person - 100% access friendly are proud to present our latest tour and a chance to tell you about HERSTORY. You'll meet up with London's answer to Wonder Woman- Ellie! You will explore all aspects of the city's big power females of the past and discovering how girl power really began in the capital.

The tour teaches you about many powerful women, from the Suffragettes to the Suffragists, nurses to doctors, generals to construction workers who built the ladies bridge and many another bad-ass ladies that history books forgot! You'll also get a chance to get taken to the beautiful hot spots of London, have great photo opportunities and meet like-minded travelers.

Bring your mums or daughters, your fathers or sons, grandparents, friends and loved-ones! Everyone welcome.

Featured in Stylist's 2018 feminist calendar and with an incredible average review rating of 4.97 stars - this tour is a must for both London feminists and visitors to the city. We launched this tour in August 2018 and receive so many requests for group bookings we can hardly keep up! The tour runs every Thursday-Sunday and is 100% access firendly - contact us through the Airbnb listing with any questions.

The Remarkable Women of Edinburgh

Edinburgh - 2 hours - offered in English - £15 per person 

A tour so successful, we couldn’t keep it confined to London! Join our passionate and knowledgeable guides Caroline, Kate, and Sarah and explore Edinburgh’s famous cobbled streets and brick alleyways with a fresh, feminist perspective.

This tour will take you to the key historical and cultural landmarks of the UK’s most-visited city after London. But you won’t be getting the same old stories. Get ready to discover Edinburgh’s real history, including the forgotten stories of powerful women that have shaped its history.

From Mary Queen of Scots to the Edinburgh Seven, Muriel Spark to JK Rowling, these awe-inspiring stories will teach you about Edinburgh’s female pioneers of science, mechanics, health care, education, and the women's rights movements.

Launched in April 2019, this experience ALREADY has a jaw-dropping five-star rating. The tour runs Thurs-Sun at 11am and 2:30pm, and it is getting booked up for summer. So don’t miss out. Book via Airbnb today or contact us to organise a private booking.

The Remarkable Women of Oxford

Oxford - 1.5 hours - offered in English - £15 per person 

Think you know Oxford? Not like this. Our guides, armed with a city’s worth of girl power, will reveal stories from Oxford’s history that didn’t make it to our textbooks: those of revolutionary women.

Discover how Oxford’s first-ever female students and alumni shaped the UK education system for generations of women to come; be inspired by the Oxford Suffragettes and the pivotal role they played in the Women’s Liberation Movement; and be transported back in time to grisly and archaic witch trials.

The Remarkable Women of Oxford will change the way you see the city of Oxford, as well as its internationally famous university. Launching in May 2019, you can immerse yourself in Oxford’s fantastically female history every Thurs-Sun at 11am and 2:30pm. Book now via Airbnb or contact us through the Airbnb listing to organise a private booking.

Horrible Histories: Loathsome London™

London - 1.25 hours - offered in English - £15 per person

Join Horrible Histories on an interactive walking tour adventure through Loathsome London! Meg and Francis need your help to navigate city streets, sort facts from fiction and reach Shakespeare's Globe... before one of them gets the chop.

This official Horrible Histories tour takes in some of the most Horrible and fascinating sights and smells of our fair capital. You'll learn about fearsome fires, daring prison escapes, disgusting toilet habits, Blitzed Brits and some of Shakespeare's silly bits. This tour is interactive, funny and guaranteed to bring the history of London to life!

Explore the streets of London on the only official Horrible Histories walking tour.

London's Gruesome History

London - 1.5 hours - offered in English - £15 per person - 100% accessible 

Are you ready to see a side to London that will give you goosebumps? To experience the REAL London: a city of serial killers, murder, disease, and crime? Then forget about your trip to the Tower of London or your Jack the Ripper tour. What you need is London's Gruesome History. 

Every Friday-Sunday at 8pm, your fearless guide will take you to some of London's most iconic landmarks and reveal near-forgotten tales of deviance and wickedness, buried in dusty textbooks but rarely spoken about... until now. You will learn about acts-most-foul comitted by London's historical residents, in the name of the law and for a purpose much, much darker. Then, just when you think you've heard everything you could possibly stomach about this depraved city, you will venture into Central London's dimly-lit back streets to uncover the gory tales that lie in wait in their dark corners. 

From Jack the Ripper, the Black Death and savage pirates, to The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, London's body snatchers and witchcraft, our tales will disturb, horrify and crack your sides with laughter. But beware, this tour is not for the faint of heart. The ghosts of London's sadistic characters and vengeful victims lurk around every corner, and misery loves company...

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Explore London's Remarkable Pubs

London - 2 hours - offered in English - £30 per person 

Did you know that Queen Victoria was once spotted dancing around an apple tree in the courtyard of a London pub? Neither did we until this tour. No day in London is complete without sipping on an ice-cold craft beer at a pub steeped in centuries of history. So let our guide Claire take you to some of London's most unique pubs, and reveal the secrets of London's history they contain.
You'll begin your tour at a pub which was once a concert hall and then a significant location for Lenin, Stalin, and, of course, Judy Dench. Here you can try a selection of craft beers and ales from across Europe while you marvel at the centuries-old architecture. Then, for the hour and a half that's to follow, you will find yourself entangled in the extraordinary history of Central London's peculiar pubs. From the Great Fire to the French Revolution; from bare-knuckle fights and prisoners to English royalty and visionaries of a lost time - there is nothing like experiencing London's history through it's most British establishment.
And of course, when in London's pubs... one must drink the beer! So we'll be buying you a couple to try along the way.

Join us on any Wednesday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday at 14:30 or 17:30.  Book via Airbnb Experiences today.

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