At, we work with brilliant partners to champion maternal and child health in Kenya.

Our partners are a huge part of what we do and have been an enormous factor in’s success. From corporate Ride Africa teams, long-term partnerships, funding relationships and community networks, our partners help increase our reach, develop fantastic events, grow our research, and, most importantly, expand our impact.

Why partner with us?

We are collaborative. We know that for successful, sustainable change we need to build brilliant partnerships – with funders, government partners, implementing partners,  communities and supporters. This sits at the heart of what we do. 

We are dedicated to making pregnancies and births safer for women and children. We know what we do to champion healthcare for mums and babies is generating meaningful impact on key maternal and child health indicators (see our latest report).We also know that globally, mothers and babies are still dying from preventable causes, and the earliest days of life are still the most dangerous for children in Sub-Saharan Africa. 

If you like what we do, and want to join us in our mission to make pregnancies and births safer, please email Lucy today.

How you can get involved:

  • Bring a team to Ride Africa.
  • Corporate volunteering: bring a team to Charity Concierge.
  • Pro-bono advice: if you’re a professional working in global health, international development, finance/risk or fundraising and interested in mentoring or supporting our team, please email Lucy.
  • Funding and fundraising: from office fundraising to funding new initiatives in maternal and child health, if you’re interested in supporting us please email Lucy.
  • Research: if you’re a research professional working in maternal and child health, we would love to connect. Please email our CEO Marti.

What you get from us: 

  • Brilliant reports and updates: we’re passionate about communicating impact and will share regular updates and information with our partners so you can see how your support is helping catalyse maternal and child health.
  • Networking and data: we rigorously monitor and evaluate the work we do and have a bank of data and expertise on maternal and child health in Kenya.
  • Exceptional events: ever fancied cycling through Kenya’s world-famous National Parks? Fancy attending award-winning music festivals for free? Partnering with offers some of the best-team building experiences around!

Partnership in focus: Festival Republic

Festival Republic have been incredible champions of and the work we do for over a decade.

From bringing teams to Ride Africa to raise hundreds of thousands of pounds, to supporting us to launch Charity Concierge at various award-winning music festivals across the country, Festival Republic has been an integral part of’s journey and we are immensely grateful to their team. Over the last ten years, their partnership has catalysed our work in global child health –  enabling us to design, discover and deliver new solutions to maternal and child health emergencies. 

Festival Republic is the UK’s leading festival promoter behind Latitude, Reading & Leeds Festivals, Download, Wireless, Wilderness and more.


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