have worked with Omega foundation since we were founded in 2001 and have worked together on a number of different projects.  In 2005 we built Kochogo Integrated Children's Development Centre together and in 2007 we initiated our first school-based feeding programme together at Kunya Primary School.

Today, Kochogo provides nutritional support to 180 children and 11 elderly community members, along with access to medical care and psycho-social support, and we continue to work closely with Omega Foundation to support children in Kenya.  Kunya provides lunch to over 600 children every day, as well as supporting community members with economic empowerment networks.  

Omega Foundation is a Kenyan NGO with vast experience in implementing comprehensive social care and support programs related to HIV in Western Kenya. In some of the communities we work in together, 80% of children have lost at least one parent to HIV. The Omega team's expertise mean that together we can support these children in the best ways possible to build healthy communities where there are exciting opportunities for development.

This photograph shows a recent event for the Beyond Zero campaign, where Omega Foundation joined the First Lady of Kenya, Margaret Gakuo Kenyatta, to launch a mobile clinic in Kisumu!

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