The Ogra Foundation is an NGO based in Kisumu providing integrated health and livelihood solutions through strengthening the capacity of local communities. 

Ogra aims to promote and improve health by combating HIV and AIDS, TB, Malaria and other preventable diseases through pursuing integrated socio-economic and cultural development approaches to tackle poverty.

We have worked together since 2007 and are the sole donor to two projects through Ogra: our HealthStart programme and Omen Feeding Centre.

Omen was funded and built by students on their visit in 2007. At Omen, the charity funds a daily feeding programme which provides children from the local Kiliti Primary School with two meals per day. With Ogra, we have also developed an agricultural programme, building a poly-tunnel and irrigation system to subsidise the feeding programme. Children also receive psychosocial support from the administrator and if they need it, they’re provided with access to medical care at the local health centre, run by Ogra.

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