HOVIC is a NGO based in Kisumu - they believe in a society where children are empowered to access opportunities to enable them to live dignified and meaningful lives. We have worked with HOVIC since 2008 when we funded the purchase of a street children shelter. 

HOVIC provides children living on the streets of Kisumu with access to safe shelter, sanitation facilities, food, non-formal education, health care, psycho-social support and counselling. The centre has a rehabilitation and reunification programme through which children can be reintroduced back into their families with the support and mediation of the centre. They heavily focus on empowering children and their communities to result in long-term change. 

We're currently supporting a cohort of children in primary and secondary school to ensure they have all the necessary resources for school and to enable them to receive a full education. 

For more information about HOVIC and their inspiring work, check out their website at hovic.org 

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