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Get your school or nursery involved with Team Mum
Team Mum equips mums in Kenya with vital health information to keep them and their baby safe. Support us this year by getting your school or nursery involved.

How can I get my school or nursery involved with Team Mum?

In communities where postnatal care provision is low, vital health information isn't reaching families. Team Mum creates pregnancy support groups, which arm young mums with the information they need to keep themselves and their babies safe.

To support Team Mum this year, we want you to get your school or nursery involved with fundraising for Team Mum. There are a few ways you can do this, such as: 

  • Harvest Festival  - ask your school to use's free resources for their Harvest Festival this year, and fundraise for us. Find out more.
  • Bring and buy events  - get your child's school or nursery to co-organise a bring and buy sale where the parents can sell on their unwanted toys and clothes 
  • Non-uniform day  - ask the school to have a non uniform day where each child donates £1 to take part
  • Cake sales  - host a good old fashioned cake sale after school one day
  • Something else  - if you've got a great idea that you want to discuss with us, contact Jacob via phone or email and he'll be happy to talk it through with you!

If you're not sure how some of these will work with social distancing, give us a call and we can help make sure everything is safe.

How to take part:

It's super simple:

Get in touch with your school or nursery about fundraising during Team Mum.

Brainstorm ways in which you can fundraise. This could be a mufti-day, cake sale, bring and buy event. 

Donate the proceeds to Team Mum!


Fundraising resources

Put a poster or leaflet up at your school or nursery, to support Team Mum!

Fundraising resources

Why should you support Team Mum?

In Kenya, one in 26 babies die before they reach their first birthday. Team Mum is a network of powerful women, girls and supporters who have come together to improve the health of mums and babies.

Last year we used your Team Mum donations to set up Pregnancy Support Groups. Team Mum 2020 will support more of's innovative maternal and child health projects, including a new Baby Box project in Kenya with the aim of providing 500 women in Kwale or Nairobi with a Baby Box. The boxes will act as an incentive for women to link with health services to ensure babies receive vital postnatal checks. As well as receiving the box, the women will be invited to three discussion group sessions, providing life saving information to new mothers. 

By supporting Team Mum, you can help us discover, design, and deliver this and similar programmes supporting mums and babies.


What will my donations be spent on?

This year, are raising funds to launch pregnant women's groups for young mums to keep them and their babies safer, and we're also hoping to launch a new version of our baby box project in a new area of Kenya. That's why we refer to our fundraisers as "in Team Mum"!

What will my school need from me?

They shouldn't need much! Perhaps some information about Team Mum and what it does, which can be found on this page, as well as some fundraising resources such as posters and leaflets.

Ask Jacob
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