in Studio 54

Posted on
03rd Sep 2015
by Ellie Dawes

office Hackney donate furniture Anjali

Nope, we're not all having a night out in an infamously hedonistic New York night club. We have a new address.

Our new address is almost identical to our old address, but the eagle-eyed will spot a teeny change to the studio number:
Studio 54
Hackney Downs Studios
Amhurst Terrace
E8 2BT

Yep we have moved the whole office up several flights of stairs. Hard work, look how tired Anjali is:

The reward is more space for our growing team and a nicer view of Hackney:

(The view from the last office was a brick wall, so this is a definite improvement, and we can see trains going past.)

Now we are ensconced in our new abode, we need a little help from you. Could you help to source any of the following?

1. A desk tenant. 
We're looking for someone to rent a desk in our office. Do you know someone looking for affordable desk space in Hackney who would like to work in a cheerful charity office with us, and doesn't mind a bit of background music? Drop us an email at for details.

2. Furniture. 
We need to furnish our new space on a budget! To make use of our new office we're looking for:

- Quotes from local carpeters/furniture makers to build work benches along the walls

- A nice sofa

- A large wooden meeting table

- A tall cupboard

If you think you could help with any of these things, please get in touch for more details!

3. For goodness' sake, someone please take this table away.
We hate this little glass table which is useful for nothing and is cluttering up the place.

We have put it on Ebay and on Freecycle but noone is taking it. If you would like a free smallish glass table, or just have a car and fancy taking it to the dump for us, we will give you an official Table Banisher award.


If you're interested in seeing our new office, why not drop us an email at and pop by for a cup of tea some time?