Our future: Why Child.org?

Posted on
01st Jun 2015
by Thomas Muirhead

becoming Child.org

Our vision is a world where all children have an equal opportunity. How do we get there? We do what works.

We have a bold, ambitious vision borne out of a belief that all children are equal and deserve the same opportunities to flourish. Our guiding principle, which has been woven through everything we have done since Dan, Owain and Beccy first felt compelled to act in 2001, is this: We do what works. This sounds obvious, but makes a big difference. We’re not fixed to delivering clean water, or treating malaria, or building schools. We’d consider all of these. What matters to us is what will actually work.

Over the last fourteen years we’ve built schools, provided an education to thousands of Kenyan children, encouraged children off the streets and back into their communities, and tackled the enormous impact of bad health on education. Oh, and much more besides. It’s clear to see we’ve outgrown our original identity. We need to change. That’s why, in July 2015, we’ll become:

Why Child.org?

Our new name encompasses and builds on what we’ve already achieved. It describes both who we are and where we’re going.

Child.org is clear

We have a bold ambitious vision, and our new name captures that. We’re not a water charity, we’re not a health charity, we’re not an education charity: we’re a children’s charity. Our name immediately tells you what we care about: Child.org – every child matters, every child is equal.

Child.org is simple

It is difficult to forget Child.org once you’ve heard it. That’s important. We still get letters addressed to Kenya Orphanage Programme, or other variations on our name. Child.org is short and sweet.

Child.org describes who we’re working for

We now work in more countries than Kenya and with a wider range of children than solely orphans. We’re also not a single project. We develop innovative data-driven programmes, empower communities, and unite people who are passionate about changing the world for the better. We’re also a source of ideas, education and academic research, so we’re more than a project.

Child.org opens up new opportunities

We work with a range of partners large and small. We work with international development institutions and universities on our development programmes. We work with companies and consumer brands to help us fundraise. The brand Child.org is a much more attractive opportunity for these partners. It’s a name that demands the respect that our knowledge and experience deserves. It’s a strong name that companies will be proud to support and shout about.

A stronger brand will also help to attract new people to fundraise for us. It will encourage schools, clubs and marathon runners, anyone who wants to help children, to get involved and support what we’re trying to do. When someone, anyone, thinks about doing some fundraising for a children’s charity, we want Child.org to leap into the front of their mind.

If our new name can do this, it can help thousands and thousands more children.

So, you’ve read all this, you believe in what we’re trying to do… it’s time for you to help us make it happen.

Get in touch with us now to find out how you can help: info@KOPafrica.org.

Check out http://child.org.