What have the Charity Apprentices been up to?

Posted on
09th Apr 2018
by Lucy Gibb

Wondering what the Charity Apprentices have been up to? Well - there’s a lot to fill you in on!

It’s only April, and Apprentices have already covered so many exciting topics, including Campaigning, Brand, Activism, and Communications. Not only are they learning lots, but we also launched the course with a challenge: Apprentices have to run and manage their own event, and boy, have they risen to the challenge!

Apprentices have been learning about the components that make an event successful. They have to nail the craft of creating and managing an event that engages their audience. They have to be well-organised, strategic as well as marketing-savvy.

We thought it was about time we showed off some of their great work!

This is Emily Malkin:

Emily transformed Garage Coffee in Canterbury into Central Perk for her F.R.I.E.N.D.S Quiz last month.

Emily didn’t cut any corners. Her planning was flawless. During the planning stages of her event she even took the time out to volunteer at one of our Friends Spectacular Pub Quizzes in London. She learned so much and was able to take everything on board when pulling her event together.

Emily’s event was massive success, with tickets selling out swiftly. With this, plus a well received silent auction, she raised a huge £1380! Congrats Emily!

This is Emily Holm:

Emily ran a Big Pub Quiz in Hertfordshire this weekend. Emily was smart, she did her market research and tailored her event to fit her audience perfectly. She made sure she produced a flawless plan and a killer marketing copy.

Her event was a huge success with 100 people in attendance, raising a whopping £1600!

This is what Emily had to say about the experience:

I had a great time organising my pub quiz. Events is something I love doing. I found gathering the raffle prizes very enjoyable as it was fun going around local businesses and telling them about the cause! Actually planning the running order of the evening was more tricky. You definitely have to have good time management to organise everything you need to before the night, this was something I worked on improving over the past month. I have always had loads of help for events I’ve ran in the past, so it was actually really rewarding doing most of this on my own!

Well done Emily on your hard work!

A huge thank you is due to all those who have helped our Apprentices at their events, both through volunteering and also donating prizes for raffles. Shout out is also due to Experience Days UK for your very kind donation to our Charity Apprentice Sarabjoyt Minhas for her Family Fun Day at the end of April.

That’s just a couple of our Apprentices and their events, but there are many more to come, as well as some other challenges for our Apprentices to tackle, which we can’t wait to see!