Welcome aboard, Seeds for Africa

Posted on
10th Sep 2015
by Thomas Muirhead

Seeds for Africa Child.org announcement

We’re very excited to announce that the charity Seeds for Africa are joining us as a part of Child.org.

Seeds for Africa was formed in 1998 following the Lambeth Conference, hosted by the University of Kent. Albert Bullock and Ron Taylor met the Bishop of Sudan and founded the charity to help alleviate poverty and hunger. Their vision has shaped their charity and led to incredible successes, setting up programmes in Kenya, Uganda, Sierra Leone and Ghana.

Together, we’re stronger

Like Kenyan Orphan Project, Seeds for Africa works with partners on the ground to deliver programmes that help communities to build their own self-sufficient futures. Like us, Seeds for Africa are not tied to one particular form of intervention and believe in acting on evidence to do what will have the best possible impact. We do what works.

Good news all round

With more resources at Child.org to support them, Seeds for Africa donors and fundraisers will benefit from more engagement with the charity and more opportunities to get involved. We’ll be growing together as a community of dedicated supporters who believe in doing what works.

As part of Child.org, Seeds for Africa projects will have a secure and long-term future. Even better: all Child.org projects will benefit from being part of a wider network. Our shared contacts will pool knowledge and insight, and mean we can expand successful programmes across new countries, which is enormously exciting.

So here’s to helping more people, taking one step closer to every child enjoying an equal opportunity.

Our next steps

It’s a very exciting time for our programmes! Marti (Child.org International Programme Manager) will be managing more relationships and working with more partners on more projects in more countries. We’ll be able to share knowledge, contacts and experience to expand amazing programmes like HealthStart and change the lives of more children and communities than ever before.

If you’re an existing Child.org supporter, you’ll find that the office and team that you know and love will remain pretty much the same. Over the coming months we’ll be working with some of the Seeds for Africa team to ensure we’re taking over their operations as smoothly as possible.

Seeds for Africa bring a wealth of supporters and fundraising streams, from Harvest Festival projects in schools to valued grants for their projects. All of this great activity will continue, and we are recruiting a new Fundraising Development Officer to take over some of the extra work and ensure that all our fundraisers have the best possible support.

We would love to hear any questions or comments you have about this news. Email the team at hello@child.org.

Thomas Muirhead
Managing Director Child.org


More about Seeds for Africa

You can find out more about Seeds for Africa here, and more about the history of Kenyan Orphan Project here. To discover more about the range of programmes that Child.org are now funding, take a look at our What We Do page.