Tales from the field

Posted on
29th Mar 2015
by Martina Gant

Kisumu projects

I’m in Kisumu, Kenya, for two weeks, with a packed and productive schedule. I’m out here in my new role to focus on KOP’s work with our three project partners; Ogra Foundation, Omega Foundation and HOVIC.

Week one was mainly office-based; visiting the partner offices, catching up with Kenyan colleagues and making plans for the project visits next week. We had some positive meetings about the end of our HealthStart pilot and the planning for the Charity Apprentice trip is coming along nicely…look out for further posts with more detail, coming soon.

This week has been very warm, very humid and very wet, with some spectacular storms. I was cursing the rain earlier in the week until Rose, Child Support Officer at Omega Foundation told me that being caught in the rain is a blessing, especially after a period of drought.

The rains have arrived late which means crops haven’t been planted yet. The delay will result in a late harvest which will be felt acutely by the subsistence-farming communities in this region. Now that the rains have arrived in full force, I’m embracing the blessing!

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