The Shindig: The bright ideas you wanted to hear more about

Posted on
04th Feb 2020
by Ellie Dawes

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Here to tell you more, tell you more...

At The Shindig last week, we invited our supporters into our Bright Ideas Lab - where the walls were covered with 60 discoveries, opportunities, solutions and projects - all generated by in 2019.

Guests were given three different kinds of sticker to stick on the Bright Ideas they were more intrigued by: I Love This So Much, Tell Me More Tell Me More, and We Have to Change This. I promised to update you all with more information about the ideas that attracted the most interest on the night.

Your Moreish Top Five

Here are the posters that prompted the most people to use their sticker to say "Tell Me More, Tell Me More".

1. Visiting a new Baby Box Project with Ride Africa: Kenya 2020

Supporters were excited to hear about the return of’s Baby Box programme - particularly as there will be the opportunity to visit one of the new projects on the Ride Africa ride in November

The design of the next iteration of the project will have some interesting changes. For example, through the pilot we discovered that co-sleeping in Kenya is actively encouraged to promote breastfeeding (which meant that most mums used our boxes as a safe place for babies to sleep during the day). However, information about safer co-sleeping isn’t reaching mums. The team have been looking into safe co-sleeping devices,  (like these pepi-pods) which will enable babies at risk to sleep in bed with mum in a safe way that doesn’t impact breastfeeding. So there’s a chance our 2020 boxes might look different to those we created for the pilot programme!

Clare and her team of brilliant grant assistants have put a huge amount of effort in recent months into applying for grants to bring back Baby Boxes, and we’re very excited to have raised enough funding to launch the programme in 2020, thanks to their hard work (big thanks to Will, Isobelle and Aakash!)

2. Live podcast recordings at Vault Festival

The stage at Vault Festival launched last week, and you should definitely check out our programme of events! Look out on the festival website for events taking place at The Gift Horse Stage. 

You can book for the live podcast recordings mentioned on this poster here:

3. The mighty Charity Concierge

Charity Concierge is now open for applications in 2020! If you’d like to join us at any of these fab festivals, you can find all the info at

Charity Concierges work in teams with their friends, enjoy plenty of time off to enjoy the festival, and do fun, practical work that has a tangible impact. We’re very grateful to every volunteer who made 2019 a fab festival year for us - and to our friends at Festival Republic for their continued support. 

4. If you refer a friend to join Cahoots… we will give you £200.

If you know a social good organisation looking for a place to work near Old Street, Flora would love to hear from you. If they rent a desk with us, we will pay you a £200 referrer’s fee! 

Cahoots is our lovely collaborative workspace. As well as full membership, we also offer a free community membership of Cahoots, which enables you to come and work with us one day a month (with use of our meeting room and breakout spaces) absolutely free! Find out more, and arrange to come and take a look at the space:

5. Our new Ride Africa: Kenya route - to the coast!

There was so much excitement about this new route at The Shindig. Hero rider Sharon told me that it’s the Kenyan route she’s always been told we should be riding, and Micky says he can’t wait to reach the coast and run into the sea!

At The Shindig, we were showing off some of the amazing photos that Tyson took on the recce. You can find out more about Ride Africa: Kenya 2020, and book your place, here


More Bright Ideas...

Those are the top five ideas that our supporters at The Shindig considered most worthy of their "Tell me more..." stickers. If you would like any further information about any of these bright ideas - do get in touch!

Want to see what they chose to stick these stickers on?