Shakira’s story: how bikes change lives in Ghana

Posted on
04th Nov 2016
by Clare Sulley

In only 15 days, 60 riders are taking on the epic challenge of cycling over 500km to raise money for the projects that support.

Ride: Africa is going to Ghana and their final destination will be where one of our partners are based; Hohoe.

Shape Lives Foundation run a project called The Bike Club. This project helps many people in the Hohoe town by selling quality bikes at affordable prices to benefit members of the community with access to travel, work and school.

Meet Shakira

Shakira is 9 years old and lives in Hohoe with her family. 

Shakira’s Mum, Fusena, bought Shakira a bike from the programme to ensure she could get to school safely. Her family live about 2km from the school and the journey is along a busy road. Fusena used to worry about Shakira walking to and from school as it would mean that she wouldn’t get home until late. Now that Shakira has her bike, she is able to ride home from school quickly and safely which means Fusena no longer worries about her daughter walking the distance along the busy road.

Shakira’s bike costs 100 Ghanaian Cedis which is roughly £20. Shakira’s family were able to pay in instalments which was a huge help for them financially: Fusena told us that “If it weren’t for the project, we wouldn’t be able to afford a bike for Shakira”.

Fusena is determined to give her daughter the best chance in life and believes that her education is very important. She has high hopes for her daughter and says “my dream for Shakira is for her to become a doctor.” Shakira, however, has a dream of her own to become a Journalist as she loves to write.

Fusena says “there are a lot of children walking to and from school each day like Shakira used to do, so I want the bike project to provide more bicycles for relief.”

Our riders are donating their bikes to Shape Lives Foundation’s bike project. These bikes will provide a huge resource to the programme, helping to sustain it. This will mean that more children, like Shakira, will be able to get to school safely and on time. You can help their efforts by donating to their fundraising.

Here at, this is just one of the ways we are breaking down the barriers faced by children to access an education enabling them to lead a happy and healthy life.