Ride Africa: finding the perfect route.

Posted on
04th Dec 2017
by Robyn Smith

After spending 5 days in a car driving all over Kenya with the awesome Event Fuel guys and Odambo, we have successfully finalised the route for next year's Ride Africa!

We had a pretty good plan before we set off, but printed maps and Google Earth can never fully prepare you for what’s really out there.

Here’s a little taster of the things we discovered, the animals we saw and some of the places you’ll get to visit if you join Ride Africa: Kenya 2018.

Water water everywhere

On the first day of the recce - all bright eyed and bushy tailed - we wanted to check out an off road route around Lake Naivasha.

Following an *incredibly* heavy rain shower (think biblical storm), our little detour around the North side of this beautiful lake turned into an epic drive through some seriously big puddles!

Despite nearly flooding the hire car as we followed a much bigger 4x4 along a track things started to dry out and we noticed we had company.

It turns out the route follows a wildlife corridor used by zebras, giraffes, waterbuck and warthogs that need to get to the lakeshore.

All that water was totally worth it, this will be an amazing part of the ride - we will need some waterproofs though!

Riding high

In our original plans we were going to cycle up to Lake Bogoria on Day 3 of the ride. However, after advice from some cycling pros in Kenya we realised we needed to change our plans. This is what the recce was for right?!

After some careful deliberation, Day 3 now covers a stunning stretch of road up to Thomson Falls. Crossing the equator at 2250m above sea level (that’s more than twice as high as Snowdon!) over incredible rollings hills, it feels like you’re on top of the world.


Not only will this detour make for an awesome day of riding, we will stay at an amazing hotel at the end of it.


No spoilers yet though...I’m keeping this one a surprise!

A two-wheeled safari

The plan for the last day of the ride was the least developed - we wanted to make sure it was extra special and find an off road section around Mount Kenya to add to the route.

With a little help from a GPS bike computer stuck on the dashboard, Liam led us off the main road across open plains. We then skirted the edge of the Ngare Ndare forest before reaching the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy (yet another challenge for the hire car).

This final day of riding will be incredible.

We’re talking ‘round the side of a mountain, through tiny villages, following a herd of goats, crossing a wildlife reserve, passing through elephant gates and meeting a zebra’ kind of incredible. Nothing will beat the peace and quiet of the open plains and the Lewa Conservancy, spotting animals on the horizon among the acacia trees.

Your own safari on a bike.  

There’s so much more I could tell you, but I want to save some surprises for the trip. You can see the updated route on the Ride Africa website.

There are only 30 places left and I guarantee you will regret it if you miss out - sign up now!