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06th Nov 2020
by Jacob McCoy

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Team Mum arms young mums like Pamela with vital health information

For young mums like Makena Pamela, the pregnancy support groups funded by last year’s Team Mum campaign have provided vital health advice and support. Pamela and her newborn baby, Shantel Wendo, live with her parents and four brothers in a small house in rural Meru, Kenya. 

Pamela told us how her pregnancy journey, at 17 years old, was definitely “not a walk in the park.” She suffered from frequent head, stomach, and backaches, as well as low appetite which some people had told her was normal. During a pregnancy support group session, Pamela learned that this was not the case. Soon after, she sought medical attention at a local health facility where she was able to receive medication and confirmation that her baby was healthy.  Making sure that mums and babies are safe and healthy - that's the power of Team Mum. 

After giving birth, Pamela felt prepared for what to expect because Team Mum social mobilisers had taught her, and the other new mums, about the importance of breastfeeding. Now she says, “my baby feeds well." We're so pleased to hear that Pamela is happy taking care of little Shantel Wendo and that both of them are healthy. She is confident in checking for the danger signs that she learned to look out for during her pregnancy support group sessions. Following the advice of a health provider, she has also visited the health clinic and is awaiting an appointment to have her baby vaccinated.  

There was one challenge, in particular, that Pamela said she's still getting used to - and this will resonate with all parents out there - lack of sleep! are immensely grateful to Pamela for taking the time to share her story with us in order to help other mums.

Team Mum arms young mums like Pamela with the health information they need to keep them and their babies safe, empowering generations to come. Our 2020 appeal will fund our innovative maternal health projects, including launching a brand new Baby Box project that will reach 500 new mums

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