Meet the brilliant: Zulea

Zulea attends a HealthStart School in Kisumu. are working to improve the health of all pupils at Zulea's school. Many of the kids here walk a long way to school, but Zulea lives nearby. Recently, teachers have noticed that Zuela has taken it upon herself to help out other girls in her school who start their period unexpectedly. She helps them to tie a jumper round their waist, brings them to her health teacher to ask for sanitary towels, and takes them to her home to wash out their clothes before returning to school.

We asked Zuela what motivates her to help the girls. She said “They just... feel shy. So I find it in my heart to help them.”’s HealthStart programme is teaching Zulea and her fellow pupils vital health information, from how to protect themselves from cholera to why it’s OK to go to school during your period. For the brilliant.