Meet the brilliant: Harriet.

Harriet is 59 and works six days a week farming and running her own shop, where she sells fruit and veg and other groceries.

Every Thursday, she goes to Kauria Self-Help Group meetings. The group is one of many that are supported by's partner organisation CIFORD. Women in Harriet's community meet together and receive vital training and support each other. 

Harriet speaks proudly about her involvement with the women's group. She says that the group provides vital basic assistance to vulnerable people in the community.

As an example, Harriet highlighted the importance of the group's weekly 'merry-go-round' scheme. This scheme, known as 'chama' in Kiswahili, is common across Kenya and acts as an informal saving group for members of the community. Members of the women's group contribute a small sum of money once a week during their meetings. Each week, this collection of money is paid to one of the members of the group. This allows the women to save their money informally and use the larger sums of money to pay for things like school fees and invest in farming tools. Harriet says that with the scheme, she's been able to increase the stock of her shop, maximising her income so that she can fund her children's school fees.

Hard working community-focussed women like Harriet are determined to lift their whole communities out of poverty. All they need is practical training and support.

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