Look out China - here I come.

Posted on
31st Oct 2019
by Tyson Odoo

For the brilliant China SDGs partners

Life is incredibly full of surprises. While I want to describe this as a “magical opportunity”, I feel like that wouldn’t be a sufficiently accurate manner of defining the feeling I’ve got rapturing my vibe today.

It is just too special for me to describe. Even words like “incredible, magnificent or spectacular” I reckon would only serve as an injustice in defining what is about to go down. As I continue grappling with finding the best words to account for the news, there you have it – Your champ Ty is headed to China.

Yes! I am headed to China for the first time in my life. And I will be rocking both Shenzhen & Hong Kong. UNLEASH Innovation Lab is what’s bringing me to China. Close to a month ago, I was fortunate to have been selected from a pool of over 8,000 international young top talents to participate in this program (representing Kenya) after going through a rigorously competitive selection process. UNLEASH is a global innovation lab that brings together young people from all over the world to contribute insights and develop solutions to help achieve the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The primary purpose of my visit will be to dedicate my efforts in solving the world’s most pressing challenges in relation to SDGs three (Good health and wellbeing) and five (gender equality) by working along other top talents from the rest of the world, and fellow changemakers dedicated to global sustainability.

And what’s even more exciting is that I will be able to have a chance to share some of the works that Child.org does, particularly our Baby Box Programme, a project aimed at tackling the significantly high neonatal mortality rates within Kenya’s informal settlements through the provision of safe cribs (Moses baskets) for babies to sleep in. The boxes act and incentive for women to go for postnatal care services while at the same time learning about safe sleeping practices from a skilled health professional.

Equally pivotal is the life-changing experience I am looking forward to; endless and passionate interactions with a community of vibrant and fired youths whose primary motivation will be to amplify voices in pursuit of effecting change in the world. I hope to not only enjoy the program, but to learn a lot from it! To make profound contributions and to gain massive context of what other young people are doing out here to change the world, so that I can better situate the cause for which I am fighting for – to reduce poverty, ensure women and children have good health and to promote gender equality. As I’ve always believed, it is people like us who will be able to rewrite the African narrative, so that little children will no longer be orphaned, proper sanitation will be made possible in Africa, basic healthcare access won’t be a myth anymore and poverty will acquire a redefined face in Africa.

I can’t wait to get completely submerged in this space of profound innovation for growth and change. Until then, this is just but the beginning. I am far from finished! 


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