Live updates from the Meru Study Tour

Posted on
20th Apr 2018
by Ellie Dawes

Meru Meru Women's Garden Project Soroptimists

This month, a group of intrepid Soroptimists headed to Meru to meet the women there and see the impact of all their hard work on the Meru Women's Garden Project.

The trip was organised by Amanjit and the group were accompanied by Cherio, Faith and Tyson, from our Nairobi office. Tyson is a new recruit to our Nairobi office, where he has been supporting on event logistics for Ride Africa. 

From the study tour, Tyson was tweeting some really lovely updates from the trip about what all the ladies (and some husbands, or "Soroptomisters"!) were up to. We decided to ask him to take over the main Twitter account for the week, so he could tell the story of the trip through live updates, direct from Kenya. In case you missed it, here are his tweets.