Last day in the Nairobi office

Posted on
31st Aug 2018
by Amelia Stanley and Rona Hardie

Amelia and Rona Charity Apprentice Charity Fast-track Nairobi Kenya baby box team mum placement

It’s our last day in Nairobi, so we thought we’d share with you some of our experiences. We’ve spent the last two weeks using the mornings to visit clinics where mums were collecting baby boxes and visiting mothers’ homes for follow-up surveys on their use of the boxes. We worked alongside the programming activities to collect photos and stories. Most afternoons were spent organising our material, writing blogs and any other comms content.

We also tried something new for, collecting contact details of the mothers to report back on how their photos and stories are used. We thought it would be nice to also send the families some of the pictures taken so they had their own copies. So now every mum photographed will have either a digital or hard copy of their photo. 

The placement has been very rewarding and varied, and we both agree that we’ve loved every minute (even spending an evening in hospital when Meli fell in a ditch). We have had such great support from the Nairobi team and it’s been so fun to go out in the field with Faith and Doreen and get to know them properly. Despite their reluctance, we have also been able to take photos and videos of the Nairobi team here to share more about the work they are doing.


Silvia and Leonard insisted that their chicken be included in the photo ...and eventually Rona too

We have been able to collect 16 in-depth stories, the photos of 38 mums and 33 Team Mum tips, that will help the communications team with the Team Mum funding application that has been sent off to the Department for International Development. We are really excited about this campaign and hope our content will help launch it. Find out more about the appeal here.

We’ve loved collecting empowering and happy photos of these incredible mums and their invariably cute babies (and the occasional chicken). We have been so lucky to hear so many people’s stories, giving us a real insight into life here in Kenya and especially Nairobi. We are sure you will be seeing more content from us over the next few months, including the amazing Tyson’s story. Tyson volunteers in the Nairobi office helping Carrie with Ride Africa but has a long history with 



Amelia and Community Health Volunteer, Ammey enjoying Mendazi while out in the field for a home visit.

Finally, a bit about Kenyan culture and most importantly food! We’ve become hooked on Mendazi (pictured above), Kenyan deep fried cakes which we’ll be missing on our return to the UK. We have also decided we will be taking our ugali making skills back home with us. We’ve had a chance to learn a few words of Swahili, which has made our experience even more worthwhile because we were able to converse more with the mothers. Our attempts at pronunciation have given us a way to make them laugh whilst taking photos. It has also been really interesting to hear different perspectives and views on the politics and social system here, with the last election being only last year. 

To sum up, our Charity Fast-Track content and communications placement in Nairobi has been an incredible and worthwhile experience; we feel as though we’ve gathered some really useful communications material and spoken to some amazing women, as well as very much enjoying ourselves! Faith and Dorreen wanted to add, "The last two weeks with you guys have been amazing, time flew by very fast, we hope to see you again." 

TOP PHOTO: In the Nairobi Office: Amelia, Tyson, Faith, Rona, Doreen and Marti.


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